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Benny returned the squeeze as he tried working out the mixed emotions he was seeing before him as well as those he was actually feeling himself. Adi was far braver in this situation and the former Gryffindor wished he could have borrowed part of that positive vibe that his boyfriend was radiating. The response and approval of the elder Rehman did offer some hope in the time of tension.

"It was pretty much the same with us...albeit likely less words." Lukas admitted as his counterpart spoke of Adi's repetative reference to his son. Said son fighting the urge to color at the truth.

"And the letter home when they were fighting the previous term...heartbreaking."
Cassiopeia added offering a small smile of understanding at Benny which resulting in the blush.

Feeling the need to explain on his part, Benny swallowed and spoke directly to his parents since they were trying to put things together. "Last summer I had been questioning my relationship with Angel. We just weren't as...connected as we had been. And I was torn between trying to work it out, and letting her go despite my feelings for her." It had been a hard, a very hard decision which caused pain on both ends. "My relationship with Adi..." cue look at the boyfriend, "sort afterwards."

And then there was Indira Rehman, whose pointed look at her husband, gaze at her son and tone as she questioned, had him tied up in knots.

"Mrs Rehman...?" Benny tentatively asked turning to her.

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