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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Noelle Shaw (Ellie)
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Guinevere Fox (Gwen)
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Basic Information

  • Full Name: Isabella Ana Marie Miklos
  • Nickname: Bella
  • Age: 15
  • DOB: January 31, 2077
  • POB: London, UK
  • Lives: Chichester Avenue, Hayling Island (Near the Hayling Bay)
  • Blood Status: Half-Blood
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Model: Mackenzie Foy

  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 4'4" (133cm)
  • Weight: 74 lbs. (34kg)
  • Scars: None
  • Piercing: None
  • Additional Characteristics: She always have the same silver necklace on that says Daddy's Little Girl.

  • Hogwarts:
    • Year: 3rd Year
    • House: Gryffindor
    • Strongest Subject: Coming Soon
    • Weakest Subject: Coming Soon

About Me
  • Personality: Isabella is a very friendly person and enjoys making friends. She tends to be a very versatile person who's adaptable to just about anything, but will never hesitate to have things her way. She's very outgoing and a sporty type of person who is very competitive at times. She doesn't like restrictions or anyone trying to hold her down. She just like to do things herself in her own way, a bit independent. A friend to anyone who values being honest, sincere, and loyal. A bit of a perfectionist when it comes to certain things; helpful and thoughtful.
  • Likes: Ice Cream (Strawberry Flavored), Strawberries, Sweets, Baklava, Pizza, Flowers, The Ocean, Purple (Color),
  • Dislikes: Small spaces (Claustrophobic), Mean and Grumpy People, Broccoli, etc... (More coming soon)

  • Parents: Donovan Miklos III (46) & Natasha Miklos (45)
  • Siblings: Iulian (Brother 29) & Nikolai (Brother 25) &
  • Great Grandparents: Donovan Miklos Sr (93) & Iuliana Miklos (93)
  • Grandparents: Donovn Miklos II (72) & Krisztina Miklos (69)
  • Aunts: Coming Soon
  • Uncles: Coming Soon
  • Cousins: Coming Soon
  • Pet: Bia (Northern Saw-Whet Owl) and Jewel (Black Cat with blue eyes)

  • Family History:
    • Isabella comes from a very large family that lives all over several European countries. She currently lives with her parents and two brother on Hayling Island, having moved there when she was three. Her family is very protective of her because of several tragic events that happen with other family members in the past. Mostly everyone in her family from her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are very traditional and stuck in their old ways of doing things. (More History Coming Soon)
  • Magical History Before School:
    • There was no doubt in her mind that she wouldn't have magical abilities to continue her family long line of witches and wizards. She just needed to somehow bring the magic out. Her parents continuously told her that it would happen in due time, but she was so eager to bring it out that she would secretly try and do magic to no avail. It wasn't until the summer after turning nine that she finally demonstrated magical abilities. She had been playing in the small woods behind the house and fell into a hole. She a trapped for several hours before magically appearing on the back pouch crying.
  • Hogwarts First Year:
    • Coming Soon

Skills, Magical Devices,Etc...
  • Wand: Sturdy 12" Rowan and Phoenix Tail Feather
  • Broomstick: Coming Soon
  • Additional Devices:
    • Coming Soon
    • Coming Soon
  • Boggart: Being trapped anywhere small. She's very claustrophobia.
  • Patronus: Have yet to produce one.
  • Animagus Form: None
  • Domestic Skills: Coming Soon
  • Additional Sills: Coming Soon
  • Fluent Languages:
    • English
    • Romanian
    • German
  • Less Fluent Languages:
    • Russian
    • French
    • Hungarian

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