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34. Point Me

“Point me,” Teddy said, his wand in his hand. It shifted slightly. “This way.” Tugging his deerstalker down, securing it, he led the way, Lux’s red hair billowing behind her.

“Where are we going?” she whispered.
“North. It’s where Hogwarts is,” he whispered back.

After twenty minutes of walking, they still couldn’t see the castle. “Point me,” he repeated, wand in his hand. It shifted again, pointing behind them.
“Is it faulty?” Lux asked.
Teddy shook his head, “No, it couldn’t be.” But it wasn’t acting normal. They HAD been walking north, and now it wanted them to walk the other way?
“I just want to get out of the forest, Teddy.” There was a note of panic in her voice.
“I… I don’t think there are any spiders left after what happened,” he said, unsure.
“Then what’s Aragog doing behind you?”
Teddy spun around so quickly his wand flew out of his hand. “Aragog! But but you’re… you’re DEAD! You’re LONG dead.”
He could sense the spider smiling, laughing, as it came closer… until its pincers came towards Teddy’s face… he woke up screaming, but thankful Lux wasn’t actually facing the acromantulas again.
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