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Originally Posted by Nc.Ap. View Post
"It feels. . . really warm and tingly. And kinda powerful. . ." She told the shopkeeper honestly, "Like warm summer's air just gushed into the shop."

She raised the wand again and with all her might, she concentrated on doing something with the wand, to see if she could magnify the feeling she had received from the wand.

Sparks erupted from the tip of the wand, followed by an insane amount of red confetti. Drifting down and dancing in the light. The glittering pieces of paper exploded with a pop when she waved the wand again.

Glee filled her heart when she saw that she hadn't caused any damage at all. With a beaming smile she looked hopefully at the shopkeeper. Had she proved anything to her at all?

"I think it likes me."
Watching carefully, Libby was positively delighted when the girl confirmed that yes, it DID feel good, and even more than that, the wand soon emitted a brilliant display of effects! "Stupendous!" the assistant cheered, beaming as she set down the box on the countertop and rang up the wand in the register. "That's a beautiful wand combination there, that is. 11 1/2 inches of robust Yew with Dragon Heartstring - the heartstring of an Antipodean Opaleye dragon, if I'm not mistaken, native to Australia. Yew is a highly rare wand wood, exceptionally handy for transfiguration magic, curses, dueling, and though it's a common wand for those who practice dark magic, that does not indicate correlation. I think this wood is simply drawn to people of great leadership who strive for power, or have great potential." So nothing to be worried about, dear.

Unless, of course, she fully intended to go into the dark arts, in which case, Libby did not care to know.

"Pairing the yew with the dragon heartstring makes it a fine companion for defensive spells, too, as well as hexes, and... all in all, it's a very powerful wand. There's not much it could do to steer you wrong - highly reliable." But with great power came great responsibility, so she needed to heed caution. Hopefully she understood that. "It'll be 13 Galleons for the wand itself. Any accessories for you today?"

Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
Where was she? Where was-- Ah. There. Apprentice. Good. Yes.

"Sophie." Breathe Ira. Breathe. "See what you can do about keeping those wands on their shelves. They shouldn't be flying off like that. We'll have to replace the wards keeping them in place, but for now.... find a solution!" She was the one who would have to keep picking up otherwise if she couldn't. Either that or he called halt to the whole business of fitting wands and set his shop to rights and told the lot of them to come back later.

Right? She was good to deal with that without any handholding, of course? He eyed her for a second and then simply turned his attention back to the child who had caused the latest (of many) mess of boxes.
"Yes," she responded to her name. Yes, PLEASE breathe, Ira. As he mentioned it, her gaze drifted to the wands that had scattered and the shelves themselves, absorbing Ira's instructions, and... calculating. Deliberating. Running through all the relevant charms she could think of that would possibly aid in this situation, her mind moving at a million miles a minute, and the moment Ira finished his instructions, Soph gave an obedient nod and was already walking away. "Y'can count on me, boss."

There were a few particular charms she had in mind to try, two of which she had used before, and two of which she had never attempted in her life, but only read about in her textbooks. It was tricky, though, because she wanted to stabilize the wand boxes from wild magical energies that were emitted from improper wand matches, but she needed to make sure Ira and Libby could still pull the boxes from the shelves, so it would do no good to freeze them into place or stick them into their slots, and... the only REAL option here felt like some sort of... protective, defensive barrier. One that they could walk through, but one that would be impermeable to spells. She wanted to coat the shelves in a nice, fluid barrier, so began to do so, first casting, "Protego Totalum... Protego Totalum... Protego Totalum..." That was a solid step to defending the shelves, and she did this around the perimeter of the shop, making sure to cast way down low and wayyyy up high, too. NO SHELVES LEFT UNGUARDED.

Protego Maxima wouldn't be helpful, but Protego Horribilis would be for any particularly vicious bursts of magical energy that threatened Ira's precious wands, so she went about that one next, casting, "Protego Horribilis... Protego Horribilis... Protego Horribilis..." then followed THIS spell up with one last protective barrier that would absorb the spells instead of rebounding them, until all of the wand boxes on the shelves were efficiently secured and protected from any magic that would come their way.

That was a solid start, the eighteen-year-old thought, and after shooting a searching look for approval from Ira, she started picking up and re-organizing the wands the girl had sent flying everywhere, hopefully for the VERY LAST TIME.

Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
WHAAAT??? "But I like this one, ma'am!!! Can't I keep it???" Matt begged almost doing grabby hands towards the wand that was just taken from him. NUUUUUU, SUCH A COOL WAND!!

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Matt took a step back as his mother pulled him away from the counter. Once again he watched intently as the lady looked for another wand for him to try.

Waitiiinnnggg. For aaageeeeees. All Matt wanted was his wanndddd alreadyyyy! OH! She was coming back with another one!! fkjsnfjkns Matt only waited for her to finish because his mother made him, but as soon as he held the wand he felt waaaarrm inside and this time it was like the wind was coming from inside him??? Like, HUH???? He could feel his hair go up as if the wind was surrounding him completely. Was it coming out from his EARS??? It kind of felt like it was. But he bet it wasn't really, that would be mental!!

He looked back up at the lady with big eyes. "Is this it?????????? Is this my wand?????" LET IT BE HIS WAND, HE JUST WANTED A WAND ALREADY!
Poor kiddo. Libby did feel for him, as she may have just broken his heart, but he DID light right back up when she presented him with his next wand, so that took away the bulk of her guilt. And THANK MERLIN for this choice - would you look at that!

With a broad smile, Libby nodded brightly, "Yes, that is most definitely the one, and a fine match indeed! You've got yourself 12 inches of light Redwood with a Phoenix Feather core. A very fragile wand, but a very high-quality, highly sought-out wood, Redwood is, superb in its protection abilities, healing spells, repairing spells, and especially fire spells. Very powerful, especially coupled with the phoenix feather core, and I reckon you'll be especially successful in your Defense Against the Dark Arts class." The kid had a bright future, that was for sure.

Setting the wand box between them on the counter, Libby rang the purchase into the register and told him, "Right now you're at 13 Galleons just for the wand. Would you care for any additional accessories? Wand polish, a holster, perhaps?" She gestured behind her to their inventory for him to survey.

Originally Posted by BriGranger1990 View Post
Kaylee walked in with her older sister, Michelle. She was so excited to finally get her wand, she was bounced up and down.

"Ouch! Kay, you just jumped on my foot." Michelle said, trying not to smile at her baby sister's excitement.

"Oh sorry,Michelle." Kaylee blushed as she stopped bouncing. She glanced around and spotted the measuring area. "I think this is where I have to to get my wand" She said to Michelle, who gave a small smiled and nodded. Kaylee walked up to the measuring area, and waited for what ever was supposed to happen
As the magical measuring tape took the young girl's measurements, Libby stood by with a watchful eye, offering both of the girls a smile in greeting, and when the tape was finished, the assistant crossed over, examined the measurements, and gave a long, thoughtful hum of consideration. Interesting, interesting potential here for wand combinations, and with one last hum of thought, Libby beckoned for the girl to follow her.

"Please wait here just a moment," she gestured for the girl to stop in front of the counter before racing to the back, already deciding on one wand in particular she wanted the girl to try. She returned with the wand box already open and extended it out to the young girl for her to take the wand encouragingly. "Try this one. A nice wave will do, like you mean it." It may not respond to her if she just held it there or gave it a lazy wave.

Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
It took him a really long time and a lot of planning before he was finally able to slip away from his mum and little sister. His mission today was completely dependent on his mum NOT knowing where he'd gone off to. Last night was the last window of opportunity to convince her and it hadn't worked. She wouldn't let him get a new wand. Well, he'd just see about that.

Blaise slipped into the room full of kids waiting to get their own wands. Hopefully they wouldn't get a shoddy one like he had otherwise they'd hate magic too.

That's what this place did. It crushed the dreams of young witches and wizards and he was a prime example. Someone had to put a stop to this--but not until he got a new one. He could play the hero warning the masses later.

Only question now was how to get the attention of the lady who gave him his last wand. Noticing a gap in the line (thanks to that kid that wasn't paying attention) the little boy slipped right in and came to the front of the line where measuring happened. Would she recognize him? No, it didn't matter, she gave him a shoddy wand and he wanted a new one.
There had never been a face Libby had forgotten, though names often escaped her, so when she saw this young man enter the shop, she knew immediately that he wasn't here for his first wand - she'd given him his last summer, she knew that quite well. But it was strange that he was here at all, and Libby approached with curiosity.

"Good day. How may I help you?" He didn't look too happy, so hopefully he wasn't here for a repair or something catastrophic of the sort.

Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Corbin had been looking forward to this for EVER. A wand. a PROPER WAND. Sure, he'd tried using his dads before, but Lorelai was just too quick for that. He almost pouted at the thought of his mother banishing the implement from his hands. What majorly sucked the most, though, was having to do this with Saffron in tow. Why had his parents had to have twins? The eleven year old thought he could have dealt with being one of ten if only he hadn't had to basically share EVERYTHING and a birthday with the biggest spoilt pants in the world.

He huffed at the thought.

"I'm the oldest. I'm going first." That was how it was going to work, Saffy-bum-stinky-pants. And so the OLDEST Stemp child held out his arms and let the magical measuring tape work its, well, magic. His foot tapped impatiently, and he was half tempted to pluck it from the air and measure himself manually.
As the next pair entered, Libby kicked back and observed them for a good while when it was their turn, noticing how the girl was awfully stinky to the boy and even went so far as to proclaim the almighty length of her toe in comparison to the boy's. It was awfully entertaining, actually, and when the measuring tape was done with the boy, Libby crossed over to note the measurement with a highly amused smile playing upon her lips. "Happy birthday, you two," she deduced by the girl's crown she was wearing and the classic twin-battle of who was oldest, and offered the little girl in particular an encouraging smile to let her know that it was OKAY that she had to wait. Maybe she'd save the best wand for her for last, right?

Of course, that wasn't how it worked, and since it was the boy's measurements she had in front of her, she beckoned him along brightly. "Come this way, please - if you wouldn't mind waiting here, I'll be right back with your new wand." He had showed a GREAT deal of his personality already, and combining that with his measurements... well, Libby would be greatly surprised if the wand she sought out did not suit the boy perfectly.

Sliding the ladder over and climbing up high to retrieve the wand she had in mind, Libby plucked it from the shelf, blew the dust off the top, and returned to the boy with haste, beyond curious to see if it would be a match. "Please try this," she offered the wand to him. "A good wave will do, with feeling."

Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Saffron was positive that the entire of London had heard her roll her eyes when Corbin went on and on about being the oldest. Did he really think anyone believed that stupid stuff? He was at least 20 gazillion million inches shorter than she was and he barely passed for a SIX year old, let along the OLDEST twin. Not when she was so pretty and princessy. She'd even worn her crown today, the one that she got on her 11th birthday. With a BIG 11 on it. So people thought it was her birthday. Maybe she'd get special attention.


But, she waited patiently, ONLY trying to trip Corb a few times behind their parents backs. Mummy was watching them very closely though, after the dog poo incident recently, so it was all no fun. Saffy just wanted to clobber her stupid brother with his own stupid shoe and shove his own stupid underpants onto his stupid head. Because he was stupid, if that wasn't evident.

Giving Corb a SHOVE out of the way when he was all done with the COOOOOOOOOOOOOL tape thing, Saff looked expectantly toward both of her parents before she was ushered forward by her mother and stood tall. Like an adult. She watched the tape curiously, helpfully holding out her arms and tongue in case they needed to be measured. And then she announced in her biggest voice the best measurement of all. "My big toe is a whole inch long. HIS isn't."

And she pointed to Corbin and that was that.
And when it was his sister's turn, Libby returned to the young girl with a soft smile, hoping she wouldn't be a terror to work with based upon how she was treating her brother - though perhaps that was typical sibling rivalry - and studied the measurements carefully, giving a low hum of thought as she made some calculations. "Mmm, yes... very curious." And VERY different from her brother's, at that. "Mm, I think I know JUST the one for you. Follow me, please."

Libby led the birthday girl over to the counter, at which point she kindly gestured for her to wait there, then disappeared into the stacks of wands in the back. It was not long before she reappeared, the wand already out of its box and in her hand, and she offered it to the young lady with eager eyes. "Go on, give it a wave." She had never matched one with this wood before, so it would be an exciting pairing indeed.
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