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Adi had gotten his parents to come along with him to Benny’s mother’s café. It was simple to get them to go… all he had to tell them was that it was related to his future. It was true, wasn’t it? Finally bringing the parents –his and Benny’s- up to speed on their relationship. Yes, the best friends and boyfriends had agreed to tell them face to face rather than via owl post while they had still attended Hogwarts. Adi figured it was a good thing that everyone were together during this. At least there would be three others to calm his mother down if she went berserk. The woman always seemed to have a problem with his dating life. But this time he had something working in his favour- Indira Rehman loved Benny as much as she loved him.

He strolled happily and calmly into the café, his parents behind him. His brown eyes which were currently hidden behind his sunglasses that he had swapped for his glasses, searched for his boyfriend. Adi grinned when he saw him then promptly bounded over. “Hey! What’s up?’’ He tilted his head. “You’re not nervous, are you?’’ And where were Mr and Mrs Atreyu?

Hooking one of his fingers discreetly with one of Benny’s, he turned back to his parents. “Be right with you, mom, dad,’’ he called to them. They could take seats in the meanwhile, yeah? It wasn’t like they’d be out of place or anything. The two families did know each other for a while thanks to Adi and Benny.

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