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Default Upside Down And Inside Out
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Hey, guys, thanks for reading. I hope you like this one shot. It is a bit different from how I normally write. Please feel free to comment.

Hey, Ivana, Thank you so much for your comment! It really means a great deal to me. Thank you. Thank you for all Harry's compliments. He does seem quite exceptional, but he had to be what with Dumbledore and Snape both personally tutoring him for those four years of his Quest after he killed Voldemort. Plus all the knowledge the Ancients taught him. He is outstanding and I am very proud of him. The Longbottoms needed to have a life and Neville should have a chance to have his parents. As far as Ron and Hermione are concerned, probably a lot of people wouldn't agree with me, but this is the way they treated him in JK's books. Re-read them sometime and pay particular attention to how they treated him when he had ideas or thoughts about things, and they always talked about him behind his back. I just made it more obvious because that is the way they would be in adulthood instead of kids. Thank you for all the sweet things you said about my writing. I hope you like this One Shot.

Upside Down And Inside Out

Harry took a step into his detective agency noticing the absence of Wes right off. It wasn’t unheard of for Wes not to be there when Harry arrived of the morning. But since he had qualified to become an Auror he usually showed up a few minutes earlier than Harry to make coffee and get the folders out for Harry to prepare for morning briefing. Harry felt secure with Wes there; not because he was afraid; mercy no. He just felt good about having a friend there who he knew always had his back; and knew him like a brother. He stood frozen to the spot with just one foot inside and he still had the door knob in his hand.

Something was very off and Harry’s senses took in a variety of information for him to process. He smelled coffee and noted a box of glazed, frosted, and powdered, donuts and assorted fruit filled turnovers. This was not something Harry approved of and wondered what Wes was doing bringing them into the office. He had said from the beginning years before that breakfast was to be eaten before arrival at work. He didn’t like the idea of trying to do briefing when his Aurors were busy eating pastries and sucking sticky fingers instead of paying full attention to what was at hand. His thoughts went to Ron and wondered if maybe his brother in law had come for a surprise visit. Harry looked around quickly and didn’t see any evidence Ron was there. It seems however that this was possibly wishful thinking. He knew Ron wouldn’t do such a thing because it was too early in the morning; Ron, after all did love to sleep and didn’t get up until the last second. He continued his observations and his discontent would have been noticed if anyone had been there to see it.

The frown on Harry’s face wasn’t the only thing that showed his displeasure. His eyebrows knit into a scowl and his jaws were set with his growing anger. There was something else he smelled; sickening sweet perfume – there was a woman in the building. He heard her before he saw her. She was humming with intermittent gum chewing and bubble popping sounds in the room that used to be Ron’s office.

“So; are you having briefing on the sidewalk this morning or what?”

Harry spun around not expecting the voice he heard. “Ron…what are you doing here? Is everything alright at home?”

Ron had the friendly grin on his face that sent his memories back to the day they first met. He relaxed when Ron chuckled and said, “Everything is fine mate. Why aren’t you going in your office?”

Harry sighed with relief and threw his head over his shoulder causing Ron to look beyond him and into the office. “There’s a woman in there, Ron.”

Ron grinned and said, “A very curvy woman I might add. Does Ginny know about her?”

Harry looked perplexed and said, “Ginny?! I don’t even know about her, only the name on that desk says, Jessica Hare. Wes isn’t here either. And look, donuts and stuff. Why would she be here and bring -”

Harry was looking at the window on Ron’s old office and saw the silhouette of the very curvy woman Ron was referring to. The stranger within was holding a paper in front of her and then she turned and went to the door to come out into the waiting room.

Harry stepped into the room completely recovered from his shock and very much in command of his thoughts as the top notch Auror he is would be. Ron stayed behind Harry covering his mouth trying to keep the laughter from bursting out. Things were about to get good and he didn’t want to tip Harry off.

The woman saw the two men and a wily smile came across her face. She walked slowly to them cracking her gum and swaying her hips and stopped on the spot grinning wickedly when Harry held up his hand and told her to stop right there. She stood on one long leg with her hand on her shapely hip and the toe of her other foot moved provocatively on the floor behind her. She arched her back seductively making her voluptuous breast noticeably pronounced. Her hand smoothed her tight fitting mini skirt flirtatiously and batted her eye lashes enticingly at Harry.

“All right, I’ve had enough of this. Who are you, why are you here, and how did you get in? And you can cut out the act while you’re at it.”

The woman was taken aback momentarily and then regained her composure only not quite as much as before. “Well, He-Man,” she said a bit put offish, “maybe I’m not here to see you. Maybe I’m waiting to see this handsome devil.” She mustered her courage to walk by Harry and reached for Ron. “Hey there, sweet lips, wanna show the new girl in the office a good time?”

Ron’s face went white and he backed away falling into a chair against the wall. “No, no…no; I’m a happily married man. Him,” he screeched pointing to Harry, “you want him; Harry Potter!”

Harry looked down at Ron in disbelief. “Ron?! I’m happily married too. What do you mean she wants me? What’s going on here?”

The woman giggled and Harry turned his attention on her and the look on his face told her she needed to stop playing and start talking. She gasped and choked for a second from accidentally swallowing her gum, such was the look of ire that Harry portrayed in his fiery eyes burning into hers. She tried to look away but couldn’t. He was looking into her eyes so intently she thought for sure he could see what she was thinking. She certainly hoped he couldn’t see her thoughts because they were most certainly impure. Then he abruptly looked away from her and went over to his desk and sat on the corner of it and crossed his arms across his chest. Clearly he was angry, but when he spoke his voice was quiet and nonthreatening, maybe even congenial.

“Miss, I need you to tell me who you are, why you are here, and how did you get in without setting off the alarm?”

She looked at a loss for words and only got out that her name was Jessica Hare when Kingsley walked into the office. Harry stood slowly with his eyes glued to the Minister of Magic. He hadn’t seen him since New Year’s Day and the memories that flew to his mind overwhelmed him and quite frankly unhinged him, but he regained control and the color came back to his face; which had turned white at the site of Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Just then Wes ran into the room laden with cups, snack plates, and napkins. “I’m sorry I’m late, boss. I was here but was sent out by your new secretary, office manager.” It was obvious he was upset from the cold tone he used with Harry. Harry’s mouth parted slightly surprised with Wes’s tone and unfriendly glare.

Before anything else was said, Harry’s Aurors began straggling in. Catcalls and sly comments filled the room and the noise became boisterous laughing and ridiculing one another’s manhood thinking they could be noticed by the woman, yet alone to be interested in them. They helped themselves to the coffee and treats as if this was some sort of bachelor party.

Harry couldn’t believe what was going on and was quite frankly upset with the whole thing, but mostly at his men’s behavior. He stood up from the corner of his desk and stepped into the middle of the room.

The men suddenly became quiet and looked about guiltily, and then gave their attention to Harry. He hadn’t said a word, but they knew their boss and also knew he was about to send them all out the door with walking papers if they didn’t yield him the floor.

“I have to admit, I don’t know what is going on here. I get here and there is a stranger in my agency. My brother in law shows up out of the blue, which I still don’t know why. The Minister of Magic has picked today to come for a visit. I’m accused of hiring a secretary to replace my office manager. And I seem to have a pack of wolves working for me instead of the fine Aurors I’ve been working with and honored to have done so all these years. All I do know is this lady’s name is Jessica Hare and my Aurors are treating her like a piece of meat. If you want to be like that then take your donuts and coffee and find someone to work for that hires animals.”

He looked at Jessica and said, “Please forgive me, but there must be a mistake. I haven’t hired anyone to be an office manager because I already have a superb one here in Wes; whom I will never replace. If you’ll give me your credentials and references I can try to place you with the local theater if you want to pursue a career in acting. And,” he paused as the woman blushed because of her ruse being discovered, “if you give me back the paper you took and explain why you took it, I’ll give you a good reference.”

Kingsley cleared his throat and said, “Alright people, as you were. I need to square up a few odds and ends. Miss Hare was hired by me from the fine school of the arts downtown; an abandoned theater supposedly owned by a wealthy Irishman. Our fine Aurors are in on the joke, I didn’t include Wes in the prank because I needed some natural subterfuge; which was a bit of brilliant thinking on Ron’s part. Ron is the orchestrator of this plot and in conclusion I’ll confirm, Harry James Potter, You have been Pranked.”

Everyone broke out in laughter except Harry and Wes who only half smiled. Kingsley told the Aurors to finish their donuts and coffee and get out on patrol. Jessica said she’d be heading out too as she didn’t want to be late for her class.
“Just a minute Miss Hare, you haven’t returned what you took from that office.” He wasn’t being cross, but he didn’t want her walking out with anything that belonged in his office.

She blushed deeply staring into Harry’s eyes and then pulled out a paper she had tucked away in her bra. A wand appeared and she touched it while saying a spell and the paper returned to its original size. She slowly handed it to Harry; her face turning an even deeper shade of red. While her wand was out she touched her clothes and they changed into a cute outfit that was far more decent than what she had been wearing to fool Harry. She waved her wand over her face and the heavy makeup turned into what would be normal for a young woman in her early twenties would wear. Then she tapped her hair and the long loose blond curls hanging over her front and down her back shortened to a cute light brown pixie cut. And lastly she erased the strong perfume she had been wearing. She now looked like an attractive young woman who was ready to go to school or work.

Ron cleared his throat and pointed to her bust and said, “Err you forgot to, well, I mean, your still…” He looked desperately at Harry for help. Harry grinned and said, “I trust Miss Hare has done all the transfiguring she needed to do to return to her original form.” He smiled kindly to Jessica to relieve the embarrassment Ron had caused her.

Ron stood frozen still pointing to Jessica’s breast and then yanked his hand back and stuck it in his pocket. “Oh… yeah, of course she did. I didn’t mean to, I mean; I thought she just- I mean they’re still big and -”



“Shut up.” Harry chuckled at his friend and looked back to the still blushing Jessica and held out his hand to take the paper she was handing him along with the key to the office Kingsley had given her. Harry looked at the paper and blushed deeply himself. It was a picture of him and another very small paper had his signature on it. He looked up at the young woman and asked what this was all about.

“Why would you take these?” Harry asked her, completely taken unaware.

The young woman squirmed and bashfully replied, “The gang back at the Theater dared me to get your autograph; everyone knows you don’t do that sort of stuff except for little kids. They thought Minister Kingsley hired the wrong person for the job and that I’d mess it all up. I’m truly sorry I took it. Please forgive me.”

Harry felt badly for her but couldn’t let her get away with the wrong she did. He looked at her and tossed the picture and signature on the nearby desk and folded his arms across his chest and stared into her eyes. She swallowed hard but didn’t feel as if he was looking into her mind. He spoke then and she was surprised by the concern in his voice.

“You know then that what you did was wrong. It’s best to be straight forward in all things. Time is precious and you should never waist it by trying to take what isn’t yours to take. I could have you arrested and you would lose your place at the Theater and then what would you do? Also, don’t waste time wanting what isn’t available for you to have. I’m sure you are a lovely person and any available young man would be lucky to have you. Spend your time making life wonderful and things will work out for you; because, somewhere there is someone else who wants the same things as you.”

Jessica nodded her head quickly, “Yes, sir, I will. Thank you for understanding.” She turned to leave but Harry gently took her elbow. “Just a minute, you can’t go back to the gang without proof you did what you were hired to do.”

He stood next to her and put his hand on her shoulder and a camera appeared before them and snapped their smiling faces. Just then a copy machine turned on and copied the picture and Harry took. He showed it to the young woman and asked if it was good enough for her. She could hardly contain her happiness and said yes over and over. Harry sat at his desk and wrote at the bottom:

To Jessica Hare
Job well done!
Your friend,
Harry Potter

Then he wrote out a check and handed them both to Jessica. “This check is for your fine school for the excellent students they turn out to entertain the community. Good luck, Jessica. Be sure to let us know when you get signed to a role, even if it’s a school production and my wife and I will come watch you.”

Jessica bit her lower lip and cautiously said, “Well, right now we’re working on a play about your Quidditch Game and the fight between you and Voldemort. You’re welcome to come to that, we’d be honored.”

It happened so fast he didn’t realize it hit him. The memories, all of them flooded over him. He fell into the desk behind him and sat on the edge. His face was so white he looked quite dead. His eyes became very watery, but then he collected his composure and with great effort he smiled at Jessica who was afraid she had just given Harry Potter a heart attack and killed him.

With a very weak voice he said, “Thank you, Jessica, but no. I think… once… was enough for me, but good luck. Do you have a part in the production?”

She nodded her head nervously, “I’m to be Rita Skeeter.”

Harry was silent for what seemed eternity and then said, “I’m afraid you have your work cut out for you there.” The water that welled in his eyes spilled over the brims and trickled into his beard. “Just act as evil, mean, heartless, and vile as you can and you might be able to pull it off. And try to do something fun after you’re done so you can get her out of your mind as quickly as you can.”

After saying thank you many times Jessica left leaving only Harry, Wes, Ron, and Kingsley in the office. Harry shook hands with Wes and put his hands on Wes’s shoulder gripping them firmly without saying anything. He worked at calming his breathing and in as strong of a voice he could he finally said, “Wes, I would never replace you.” He turned to Ron and gripped his shoulder tightly and tried to shake him playfully but couldn’t pull it off. He turned away quickly but collided with Kingsley who had stepped in quickly seeing Harry’s panic attack. The man caught Harry and helped him steady his legs.

“You’re going to be ok, son. Let’s have some coffee. Maybe the prank was too soon, but, I think we can all agree; Jessica’s coffee smells the best that has ever been made in this office.”

Wes made like he was offended and then they all turned when they heard the door open. Hermione and Ginny walked in with smiles on their faces. Ginny smiled gently at Harry’s look of just being rescued. She stood by him and said, “Hermione came over and told me what Kingsley and Ron had planned for this morning. Hugo and Lily are with mum.

Harry hugged her and held her tightly to him. She felt him trembling and glared at Ron and Kingsley but didn’t say anything. She looked into his eyes when he let her go and saw his mind was far away; preoccupied by the battles and wars that were continuously in his mind, but then he smiled at her and spoke softly.

“They pulled a good one on me that’s for sure. Even Wes was fooled; they didn’t include him in on the prank so he could fool me without even knowing it. And you should have seen the actress Kingsley hired. You actually just missed her. She is in Theater and had to get back to…”

Harry forced down a big swallow of coffee and choked when it burned his throat. He put the cup on his desk and kissed Ginny quickly and went out the door saying, Numquam obliviscar.

He was gone before they could stop him. Ginny and Hermione looked at Ron and Kingsley as if they had gotten caught doing something terrible. They sighed and explained everything.

Ron looked awful and said, “Ginny, I’m really sorry. I thought if he had some fun it’d help him stop reliving everything over all the time. He told me that it’s always on his mind, he can’t forget it. And he said that he’s been getting better but I guess finding out about the Theater production was just a bit much for him.”

Kingsley took a long deep breath and said, “And it’s obvious he’s not over what I did to him either. I should have called and talked to him before we attempted this. But, Ron and I were talking and he came up with this idea to prank him. When he explained to me what it was then I agreed it was worth a try. I’m sorry I was wrong.”

Ron looked like he was going to be sick and asked, “Does anyone know what that Numsomething oblivithingy means?”

Surprisingly it was Wes who spoke up. “Numquam obliviscar means I will never forget.”

They stayed and talked all morning until noon when Harry walked in the office. They were relieved when they saw him smile and ask if they all wanted to go out for lunch. He wrote something on the file he pulled out of the filing cabinet and put it in the drawer for closed cases.

They all anxiously accepted his invitation and left for a new restaurant that opened up around the corner from the Detective Agency. They ordered their meal and had a great time together. Harry was mostly quiet like always, but offered conversation when spoken to. He began watching other people eating and visiting and watching new people coming in and others leaving. He checked his watch and said he needed to get back to the office; a Mr. Chastain had an appointment to meet him and go over a case he wanted to hire Harry for. He kissed Ginny on the top of her head and put his hand on Hermione’s shoulder and said, “You should be very proud of Ron. He announced to Jessica, when she tried to seduce him that he was very happily married, and then turned her on me to deal with.”

His eyes were twinkling merrily and he added, “I bet you didn’t tell them about that part did you?” He chuckled and counted out some money and put it on the table for a tip, and told Ginny to pick up the check when they were done. “I’ll see you at home; love you, honey.” He kissed her softly on the head and caressed the side of her face lovingly and left.

Ginny put her hand on her face where his hand had been and felt warm and so much in love. He wasn’t trembling anymore and she could feel that his mind was only on her and not past battles that haunted his life. Harry would be fine; she just had to be patient with him and to keep on loving him which was easy to do because she did love him with all her heart.

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