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Zachary Mirams
Gobstones Player for the Ilkley Ironbellies

Name: Zachary Anders Mirams
Nicknames: Zach, Zacharoni (only by Justin McLeod)
Date of Birth: January 19, 2055
Current Residence: Leeds, England, UK
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Justin McLeod
Occupation: Gobstones Player for the Ilkley Ironbellies

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Golden Brown
Height: 6’0”
Build: Tall, muscular, a little bulky
Laterally: Left handed
Wand: 11” Alder, Unicorn Hair, swishy
Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry - Gryffindor (2066 - 2073)
Wizarding University Edinburgh (2073 - 2077)

Parents: Angelina and Anders Mirams
Siblings: Bradley Mirams (b. 2050) and Laurel Mirams (b. 2063)

Likes: Competition, gardening, cooking, gaming, outdoors
Dislikes: Asparagus,
Personality: Zach is a pretty easygoing guy. He gets along well with most people he meets, but tends to keep to himself in big crowds. However, he’s very friendly. He’s passionate about his career and his team. He’s also passionate about his family and will do anything to protect them and make them happy. Aside from Gobstones, Zach enjoys gardening throughout the year, including flowers and growing his own fruits and vegetables.

History: Zach is the oldest of three children. He lived a comfortable childhood. His parents were not struggling financially, by any means. He and his brother butted heads a lot, but he always seemed to get along with his sister and was rather protective of her when it came to boys. Zach attended Hogwarts all seven years as a gryffindor and faithfully played on the Gobstones team all seven years. He was averagely successful in his classes, doing his best work in Herbology.

Zach didn’t have much luck with relationships until after he left Hogwarts and went off to the Wizarding University in Edinburgh. He joined the party scene and dated a few guys off and on, but nothing was quite so serious until he met Isaac Byrne. He fell for him instantly and they dated for two years before Zach finally convinced him that it was time to settle down. They bought a house in Leeds and got married. However, a year later, Zach discovered that Isaac had not actually settled down at all and was playing around with others behind his back. They divorced soon after when Zach realized he couldn’t change him and Isaac moved out.

After a painful, but successful heartbreak recovery, Justin graduated WizU with a degree in Herbology. He joined many minor league gobstones teams until he was discovered by a team scout in 2080. He was signed on that year to the Ilkley Ironbellies and has been a part of the team ever since.

In the summer of 2086 he met Quibbler photographer, Justin McLeod and became quite smitten with him at first sight. The two became quite close, quite quickly, and dated off and on for about two years before finally deciding to move in together. While Justin was away at his new job as the Groundskeeper at Hogwarts, Zach (with the help of a friend), packed up all of Justin’s belongings (and the cat) and moved them into his home in Leeds. The pair enjoy goofing off, cooking together, and date nights.

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