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Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
Blankets were awesome, and yes she had stuffed a bunch of them into a locker earlier and was not carting them over to the bonfire for the colder students. “Hey Tia,” Puck smiled over to the Ravenclaw – really, she had failed at being actively friendly with anyone this term but she had felt bad you know…about not being that way and well, obviously more friends were in order.
So Tia hadn't really been expecting anyone to notice her, because of her solitude this term, which is why when someone said her name with a 'hey', she was taken aback slightly. Looking up to see who it was, she smiled at sight of the female gryffindor prefect. "Oh hey, Puck," she greeted back, pleased at least someone knew her. Guess she hadn't been that much of a recluse. Of course the girl was a prefect, so perhaps it was her duty to know? "Looking forward to summer?" But then the girl seemed to move on to addressing others, so the fifth year went back to hugging her knees and her thoughts...

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post

Honestly, Zander had wished he could just stay in the pool for the entire event. Plus he had been in the water the entire time doing his job at the end of the slide, so his toes and fingers were looking real pruny. And it felt like his hair and swim trunks would never dry off. Having forgotten a towel, he opted to hold his shirt instead of trying to wear it for the moment being. Of course he was planning to dry off with the fire which is where he was currently headed over to.

Not many people had made it over yet, which was strange... But they'd have to come soon right? Because there was a speech coming along any minute now. He automatically looked for Sophie, but she must've still been wrapping things up at her post.... He ought to say goodbye to Gabe, though he never really got close to the Ravenclaw. And there was Puck who got a proper smile. And Adi and Benny too for that matter. But Zander decided to go sit by Tia. Because firstly, she looked lonely. And secondly, had she even been at Hogwarts this year? Zander felt like he hadn't seen her at all... Probably because Fifth Year and all.

"Hey," he smiled as he sat down in a chair around the fire wishing that he had grabbed some smore supplies before sitting down. "How did OWLs go?"

But before he could say much more... SPEECH.


She was leaving???? She was leaving!!!! Ahem. Zander tried not to show too much excitement because... Well, firstly that'd probably be frowned upon and secondly... Actually no that was the only reason. Truebridge clearly hated him after last term so her leave would mean that they'd get a new herbology Professor who didn't hate him yet. Merlin. Forget the Groundskeeper curse, the herbology curse was real. Only because no one could do as great a job as Bentley did. <3 <3 <3


Turning back to Tia, the blonde looked over with wide eyes. "Merlin, can't believe she's gonna leave after all these years." Well no actually, he could. "Guess I don't blame her though, after this years mess with the acromantulas and all..." The woman did get taken into the woods and almost died. Yeah. That happened.

... Uh. Well sort of miss you, Truebridge. Heh.
... well that was until someone, perhaps the someone she'd been both avoiding and longing to see came and sat down right next to her.

"Hey," she smiled weakly, but before she could answer about her exams, Truebridge began her speech. And it seemed the Headmistress was leaving?! Well that was just going to be different but at least her replacement was someone who she knew and liked. Not to mention he taught quite the fascinating subject.

"I ... what exactly happened? I mean I know there was an acromantula fight and all... but, " she bit her lower lip with uncertainty. "Anyway, I hope owls went well, but can we please not talk about them. I've been like a nervous wreck all year. And well..." she looked over at him with her brown eyes sadly. "I think I've missed you. I've missed your support, your encouragement, your ...lips." She whispered the last word and quickly averted her gaze, in which she spotted a smile and wave from someone else. Adi. Of whom she gave a brief smile in return.
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