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Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Night was starting to fall, meaning it was time to start winding things down. Gabe, who was exhausted from a day of cool water, steaming heat, and amazing food, had already picked out a log near the massive bonfire.

It hadn't really hit him until that moment.

This was it. His final night at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...and it wasn't too pleasant a it'd been for most of the day. The potions had worn off...and Gabe was left to seriously contemplate the next stage of life. It would start tomorrow, as soon as he stepped off the Hogwarts Express. Was he ready for that?

Meh. It was a lot to think about tonight. Too much, in fact.

Resigned to just relax, Gabriel made himself comfortable, prepared for speeches? and whatever else was coming next.
Zhenya started making her way to the bonfire as night crept up. The heat was warming during the summer night. It had been an awesome day planned by the prefects, and as Zhenya moved towards the logs, she saw Gabe. He had helped plan this event, but he was also a graduate. Zhenya sat down next to him

"Hi Gabe," she said quietly. "It was a great night. Better than the feast. I think I'd have been more... sad... if it were a feast. You know, with farewell speech... speeches." She sighed.

She really didn't want to leave, but she was sort of excited about the next chapter of her life. She just wasn't looking forward to living without the security of Hogwarts. At least she had know she got to return to the castle after summer. Summers had been about relaxing between years, but now... now she had to join the real world; find a job, have responsibility, find her own place in the world. It was a lot to think about.
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