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Adi felt like a prune. You know, since they're so shrivelly? Well, it would explain his feeling because he spent SO MUCH time in the water today. That's why he was sort of glad to have this Bonfire activity to look forward to. At least he would be dry. Not that he hadn't had fun in the water. He had had a TON of fun. This had been one of the best events yet!

Spotting his favourite Ravenclaw, the Hufflepuff headed over. "Hiya, Mr Sciencey Guy! Mind some company?'' Adi hoped not so without further ado, he flopped down next to his friend. If Gabe didn't want company, Adi wouldn't mind getting shooed away. "It was quite an event, wasn't it?'' He was pretty happy about the way things had gone. Too bad time had gone so fast though.
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