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Default Bonfire Bash

After a long day of activities, the prefects have planned a bonfire to celebrate camaraderie as night falls!

As you approach the area, the giant bonfire is the highlight of the scene before you, but don't get too close - a protective barrier will send all living things bouncing back before you can come in contact with the flames! Comfortable lawn chairs are evenly spaced around the fire with a generous supply of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate for each chair's occupants for the making of s'mores. Grab a roasting stick from one of the two barrels on opposite sides of the fire and get to roasting your marshmallows!

A comfortable distance away from the bonfire, you'll notice an area set up with warm, fuzzy blankets in the grass for stargazing. If you need an extra blanket, there's a barrel nearby stacked full of extra ones in a variety of colors. Cozy up with your friends and put your astronomy knowledge to good use as you bask in the glory of the crystal clear night sky! It may be dark, but be sure to keep the public displays of affection to a minimum - the prefects are watching, and you can bet Professor Flamsteed will frequent this area! You don't really want to be too cozy in front of him, do you? Respect your elders, kids.

On a single table off to the side, the house elves have been kind enough to generously provide two large beverage dispensers, one marked as hot water for warm beverages and the other as cold, fresh water for those looking to wash down their s'mores. Next to the dispensers, you can find standard cups, mugs, and the makings for hot chocolate and tea, so help yourself!

The night is young, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather as the coolness of night falls over the grounds!