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Default History of Magic Homework #1
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This term-long project was going to be... mentally and emotionally taxing, Sophie Brown knew that for sure. Digging deep into her history and recalling a variety of childhood memories, both good and bad and everywhere in between... well... she wasn't looking forward to that one bit.

At least she was sure she wasn't alone in feeling this way, for Tobes undoubtedly felt the same way. And maybe Zander did, too, considering the things he'd told her about his family. But looking over the prompts Glendower had given them... well, if she started at the first one and just went in order... maybe she could navigate the system well enough to avoid the hard-hitting questions where she'd be required to share things that made her feel embarrassed or vulnerable. There were quite a few of those, though, and she didn't want to lie.

But... if Glendower was the only one who was going to read her entries... then... maybe it would be okay to answer some of those. But what if someone got a hold of her Illuminated Manuscript and READ IT WITHOUT HER PERMISSION? These were all things she had to take into account as she settled onto the floor in front of the common room fireplace, sprawled out on her stomach horizontal to the heat source with her book open and her quill hovering above the first empty page.

She spent quite a few minutes there, reviewing the list and debating which ones she would try to tackle in the future. But... easy enough, the first prompt was, so she lowered her self-inking quill to the parchment and began to write.

Text Cut: Entry #1; Prompt #1
January 14th, 2087

My full name is Sophie Mae Brown. I got my first name from my grandmother, and I know that the name Sophie means "wisdom" or "wise," which ended up being perfect because I ended up a Ravenclaw to two Gryffindor parents. I've wondered if my name choice actually somehow strangely influenced me to be a Ravenclaw instead of a Gryffindor like them, since Ravenclaws are well-known for their wisdom, but I'm not sure if I believe in that kind of thing. Maybe it was just a cool stroke of fate that those two things aligned. When I asked my mum where the name Mae came from, she just said she thought it sounded pretty with the name Sophie, so that story is less cool.

I have a few nicknames, like Soph and Baby Bird, the latter given to me by Marcus Branxton. "Nerd" seems to be a common, affectionate nickname for me, too, but other than that, my name is pretty boring in terms of nicknaming. Plus, I tend to be the nicknamer of my friends - pretty much everyone who becomes close friends with me ends up with a nickname from me, so I suppose I primarily take on the role of a nicknamer, not a nicknamee.

Growing up, I thought the name "Sophie" looked weird. The letter combination of "ph" seems weird, but phonetically my name out loud sounds really pretty. It's cute and classy, just like me, and I think Sophie Mae Brown has a nice ring to it. I consider myself pretty lucky that my parents did a good job of naming me.

She was joking with the last part about being cute and classy and grinned while she wrote it, and she figured Glendower would know she was just jesting, too. All things considered, it wasn't a bad first entry. It wasn't super revealing, but it wasn't completely impersonal and without depth either. No, it would suffice just fine.

This project would actually be pretty cool, wouldn't it?
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