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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Abby Victoria Valentine. Tia wrote that down under her first question. No to Abigail. Just Abby. "Would you ever consider being called by your middle name or a variation of it, such as Tori?" Tia asked; a question she hadn't previously written down. "And I was born TiaMarie, so technically it's just one first name, but Tia just for short."

"You're .. fourteen, correct? When is your birthday?" Because if they were comrades, getting each other something seemed only appropriate; even if her own birthday was in the Summer.
Abby listened to Tia's question and said "I would consider it i wouldn't mind being called by my middle name and i have no problems with it being Tori and my birthday is April the 12th" Abby looked and wrote down what Tia answered to her question and asked "When is your birthday Tia?" Abby knew that it would be good to get to know as much about Tia as possible
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