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Originally Posted by Saz Hale View Post
Abby took a seat opposite Tia and said "Yeah i know what keeping busy means you are always studying for your OWLs and so what do you want to discuss with us being comrades" Abby wasn't sure about what it all meant
Hmm... across. So that was kind of upsetting but Tia guessed she wasn't about to become best friends with the girl overnight but then again, seated across from each other might make it easier for the interview process.

"Yea, you say that so nonchalantly now, but just wait until next year comes. I'm so nervous I feel like I'll have no fingernails left by the end of the year," Tia laughed.

Readjusting herself on the couch, she smiled lightly, pulling out the sheet of parchment. "Right, so I think we were supposed to interview each other and get to know each other a little better. I mean we already know each other's names and years, but yea ..." She glanced down at the paper. "So I've jotted down about five or so questions to ask and then you can ask me whatever?"

"Number one, Abby Valentine, right? Do you have a middle name and is Abby a nickname for something or were you just born Abby?" She had a quill out to take notes with as she waited.
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