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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Tia wasn't sure what direction the girl would be coming from. Was she the type to arrive directly from lessons or did she hang out in the fourth year dorms when she wasn't in class? Honestly, she had no idea which is why she guessed this was the point of the exercise was to get to know someone she wouldn't ordinarily converse with.

And when she was looking down at her reading again, that was when she heard the girl address her. Glancing up, the fifth year smiled. "Hey Abby. Nah, I've been keeping occupied," she raised her astronomy book slightly. She knew how to keep herself busy and not waste much time. Surely in a year, Abby will understand the need to always be studying. "Have a seat." She closed the book and set it beside her.
Abby took a seat opposite Tia and said "Yeah i know what keeping busy means you are always studying for your OWLs and so what do you want to discuss with us being comrades" Abby wasn't sure about what it all meant
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