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She looked at him as if he was crazy because... well... he was crazy if he thought that collecting cards would make him famous. "Whaaaaaaaaatever you say, Tyler... We will see if and when you do get the cards..." Mel shrugged and looked at him. Melek didnt think it matter what type of cards they were but whatever, she was not going to get into it right now with the young boy. Mel had a lot of things that were more important then arguing about the coolness of said cards. Melek just looked at him, waiting for him to go pick another topic because he was boring her. Then he was back to saying how Turkish Delights werent good. She just sighed and rolled her eyes at it, ignoring it otherwise. "Or I can just keep writing the truth..." She sighed and then made some last bit of observations.

SPOILER!!: observations
Melek Somez Seventh Year Ravenclaw Potions Observations
Subject: Tyler, First Year Ravenclaw boy
Potion: Excitement
Subject had became excited before the potion drinking because of mention of candy. Subject said he didnt think the potion was working. The potion then kicked in and he started acting really weird. He thinks my quill was fluffy then took it. He began to play with it and waved it around, going on about something with how birds felt when flying or what not. His attention seemed to switch rapidly to candy and now is going on and on about different types. He thinks that he is going to be famous just for collecting all the cards in the chocolate frogs or actually that he is going to collect all. Subject is being sweet in a weird way saying that it was all because of me that he is going to be famous. He then went on to say that Turkish Delights were disgusting which he is obviously delusional because they are the best ever. He is now curious about what I am writing. He is still playing with my quill. The subject seems to be bouncing from subject to subject like predicted since excitement especially from a first year, despite being a Ravenclaw, is untamed. He went back to talking about being famous before insulting my taste in candy. He is ever so curious about what I am writing down and he is a bit full of himself. It is time for the antidote then my turn to try the potion he brewed.

She glanced up after writing down the last of the observations. "Yeah, it is candytime AND antidote time... Melek took out the bottle and uncapped it, handing it to him. "Here you go, drink up but if you dont have the antidote yourself... then save me some so that I can go back to normal after you get your observations down." Mel sighed and looked at the young boy, trying to prepare herself for taking his potion.

Tyler could see that she didn't believe him "I will too!!" he said getting a little more excited at this idea! There was no way that he would not become famous! Those cards were just that awesome! She just didn't understand, no adult or older person did! "You will see when I get the cards, thats when you will see my name in gold lettering! my picture in the Prophet and everything!" oh yeah he could see it right now!! Sooo cool!! The truth?? he wasn't lying about that!! "That is the truth!! I was joking about what I said! That should go onto your parchment!!" as if she didn't know!! Did she not know that was also an observation?? She obviously wouldn't get the full marks in that case. It was candytime?? "Woohoo!! oh yeah!! I have been waiting for candytime!! Anti-dote? for what? " what did he need an antidote for? "Oh right the potion I drank! which didn't work by the way, I feel absolutely fine!" he said to her as he waited for her to take out the bottle. He watched her uncap it and hand to him "Hmm I will drink half and give you the other half, but I have an antidote thing as well! Not sure if you will want it after my awesome Happiness potion! It is the best in the world!!" he said getting excited over his potion before he drank half her antidote "See! nothing happened...." he starting to feel a little weak and needing to sit down "I feel so tired all of a sudden" he said as he looked up at her, confused "What just happened?" he vaguely recalled his actions "If I did anything bad.. Im sorry! I.. I didnt mean it!" he said as the antidote seemed to have reversed the effects of Mel's potion. He then knew it was her turn for his potion. so with a shakey hand he gave her his happiness potion for her to drink. He grabbed a parchment as well, and used the quill he took from Mel earlier to write his notes now. But he was feeling tired that he hoped he would be able to write enough.
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