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Melek glanced at him and grumbled as he asked about the potion working again... She knew how to do it so shut it, firstie! "You think you are going to be famous just because you collected candy cards?" Mel glanced at him as if he was nuts but she did think it was kinda... sweet... if that was the word for it and... haha that was a pun! Yes she was being punny! That was a bad sign though but on to focusing on Tyler to get some more observations! She frowned and glared at the annoying boy. "Turkish Delights are the best candy... I should know because I am a full Turkish lady!" She pouted and then rolled her eyes at him, "Just oservations on your behavior for my homework... duh..." She went back to writing down things.
SPOILER!!: Observations
Melek Somez Seventh Year Ravenclaw Potions Observations
Subject: Tyler, First Year Ravenclaw boy
Potion: Excitement
Subject had became excited before the potion drinking because of mention of candy. Subject said he didnt think the potion was working. The potion then kicked in and he started acting really weird. He thinks my quill was fluffy then took it. He began to play with it and waved it around, going on about something with how birds felt when flying or what not. His attention seemed to switch rapidly to candy and now is going on and on about different types. He thinks that he is going to be famous just for collecting all the cards in the chocolate frogs or actually that he is going to collect all. Subject is being sweet in a weird way saying that it was all because of me that he is going to be famous. He then went on to say that Turkish Delights were disgusting which he is obviously delusional because they are the best ever. He is now curious about what I am writing. He is still playing with my quill. The subject seems to be bouncing from subject to subject like predicted since excitement especially from a first year, despite being a Ravenclaw, is untamed.

He grinned again and nodded at her question, of course he was gonna become famous!! she was in Seventh year and she didn't know this?? "Of course I am!! They aren't just any candy cards they are wizard candy cards!! some of them are really rare and if you get those everyone will be so excited and wanna know all about it! Imagine the Daily Prophet coming to my house and interviewing me!! Oh man it will be sooo cool!! Don't you think!!" he asked her as he looked at her. He saw her frown as he commented on the Turkish Delights "They are not! Chocolate frogs or Bertie Botts are awesome!!! All those flavor, cool ones and the weird ones!! way better than some Delights! You can have the Turkish Delights then! " there told her!! Ha!! Seriously just cause she liked them doesn't mean that he had to like them too!! so what if she was the Turkish Queen! she wasn't his boss!! Observations?? Ohhh!! interesting!! "Really? what have you got so far? Might wanna add how cool and awesome I am!! Yup! definitely the coolest and awesomest kid around here." he said chuckling as he tried to look at her parchment but he just couldn't sit still, all he could think about was the candy that was waiting for him!! "CANDYTIME!!" he yelled out randomly! exciting stuff that was, Oh yeah!!!
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