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SPOILER!!: Tyler
Originally Posted by DarkStorm View Post
She hated her name? that was interesting usually girls liked their name. "Oh I see.. Mel it is then" he said giving her a childish grin. "Yup! " of course he coil do it he was a big boy now! He then saw her catch the vial in case he had dropped it "I.. well.. mentioned candy so.. I got excited" he said feeling a little ashamed he had gotten a bit excited.. but can you blame him.. he just had to drink this potion and in return he was getting not 1 but 2 bags of candy!! 2!! "Oh this?" he said looking at his own vial "Umm its.. happiness. Not that you need it, you already seem happy to me" he said to her. He then looked at her vial and drank it in one go. "Hmm not a bad tasting potion. Kinda nice" he said and tipping over once more to get any drops left over. "I don't feel anything you sure this thing works" he asked as he got up and gave her the vial. He then saw her quill "Ohh.. nice quill!! Ohh it so fluffy!!! " he said taking her quill and waving it around a bit "Woah look at it flies!!! that's how birds probably feel when they are flying" he said waving it around more "Man that is awesome!!!! Haha!!" he then remembered the candy! "Ohh what kinda candy you got me? huh? huh? come on tell me.. I can't wait to have all that candy!! the small ones.. the big one!! Every single one!!" he laughed a proper laugh as he thought about candy. Potion seemed to have worked.

She smiled as he agreed to call her Mel instead. "All it took was the mention of candy to get you excited? Geez... perhaps I picked the wrong Potions partner then..." Melek sighed as she trailed off. Mel eyed the vial that held his potions. "Happy? Okay... that isnt too bad then..." She lightly smiled and looked at him. If only you knew how sad I really am... A sigh escaped a little but then she was yanked away from her thoughts as he said that he didnt think her potion worked. Melek instantly became offended, not even noticing the part that came before that with how it didnt taste that bad. "I am a seventh year! Of course my potion is working!" A frowned appeared but then he started to get EXTREMELY excited by the look of it and was going on about her quill. She gave him a weird look. Melek frowned as he took away her quill. Mel sighed and grabbed another one, avoiding the splatter of ink that had formed when Tyler grabbed her other quill. She began to rapidly write down her observations.

SPOILER!!: Observations
Melek Somez Seventh Year Ravenclaw Potions Observations
Subject: Tyler, First Year Ravenclaw boy
Potion: Excitement
Subject had became excited before the potion drinking because of mention of candy. Subject said he didnt think the potion was working. The potion then kicked in and he started acting really weird. He thinks my quill was fluffy then took it. He began to play with it and waved it around, going on about something with how birds felt when flying or what not. His attention seemed to switch rapidly to candy and now is going on and on about different types.

She glanced up as she finished that last period. Melek eyed Tyler, "The two bags are mostly chocolate frogs and Turkish delights... I hope that is okay..." Mel had her quill ready to take some more notes.
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