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Default Potions HW #1 Post 3 Still giving the potion/ making a deal with the partner
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Originally Posted by DarkStorm View Post

Wait! did she actually giggle? so she can giggle and laugh, didn't seem that way before. She liked his name? he didn't know that. Has she secretly drunk his happy potion or something already! Or maybe she was just naturally happy like that, oh dear he wondered what would happen if he gave her the happy potion. "Er thanks Melek, nice to meet you too. Your name isn't too bad either" no.. it was quite unusual. Excited potion! Please he could act excited without the potion, he was a very good actor too! Hard? for him? never!! He hoped it wasn't anyway "No.. No.. No I can do it!" he hoped he could afterall he hadn't had much experiences with drinking potions so he wasn't sure. He took the vial from her, and picked up his vial.. "Here is mine for you" he gave her a nice grin and almost dropped it at the mention of candy "There is candy involved?? Yes please!! 2 bags full and you have a deal!!" oh he was so going to enjoy this potion thing. I mean who could say no to candy!! it was candy!! there was just something awesome about it!! He looked at the vial she gave him and then looked at her "If we have a deal I will .. go ahead and drink your potion.. deal?" he hoped she wouldn't back out now he was just looking forward to the candy that he would be eating later on.
She cringed, "I actually hate my name... though if you wish, you could call me Melek... but you could actually call me Mel..." Melek offered and looked at him, "Oh you can, can you?" She nodded and made sure to catch the vial that he almost dropped. "Wooooah, calm down there, Tyler... you didnt even drink the potion... and you are this excited?" She looked at him and tilting her head. Melek sat down and took out her parchment and quill so that she can take notes. "Two bags of candy and me taking your potion in exchange for you taking my potion..." Mel nodded, "Deal... now can you hurry up and take it already so that I can get my notes? Then after I get my notes, I will give you the antidote which you will drink then I will take your... um... what feeling is this?" She gestured to the vial that contained his potion. "And then you can take notes and then give me the antidote which then i will give you the two bags of candy that are in my trunk up in the girls' dorm... deal? deal..." She nodded and watched him, waiting for him to take the potion. Her quill was poised over her parchment and her eyes were staring at him intently.
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