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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Smiling broadly Leo said "It's a pleasure to meet you Marsha." It was nice with a so happy and excited fresh face to the library. Aunts and uncles, wow was he already that old? Pushing any thoughts of his age out his mind he asked curiously. "To what houses did your aunts and uncles belong?" Many students had gone to Hogwarts and left since he had started working there many years ago now. It was nice to know that he was well respected though and that Marsha’s relatives hadn’t spoken badly about him.

Understanding Leo nodded "It's always better to ask one question too many than to wish you had when you can’t redo an action." Marsha seemed to be a sensible young woman. He let Marsha answer Penelope’s comment without interjecting. If he needed to interject he’d do it depending on Penelope’s response back. For now he was quiet.

Smiling softly he said "I always do. Both the students that go here and the books in the library are very important to me and I take steps to keep them safe." And everyone knew that.

Marsha grinned happily at the man. ”And you too, I’ve been looking forward to it.” Well, it wasn’t like she was lying! Benny, Xander and Xandra always spoke highly of him. ”Well, quite a few of them are in their final years right now… but four of them are specifically in Ravenclaw.” BEEEAM.

”Benedetta and Xander are both in their Seventh years, Alexandra is in her Sixth year and Evan is in his fifth year.” She smiled, grinning. She didn’t think she needed to tell him that Alexandra was blind - she was pretty sure that there was only one Alexandra in their year. ”In case you haven’t figured out from them - our family is a little weird and very extended.” She giggled a little at the look of horror on the mans face. She knew most people thought of older people when you heard the term aunt and uncles… but there were 16, almost 17 years of a gap between her Tad who was the eldest and Alyssa, the youngest who was currently a 5th year Hufflepuff… and since she had been born just after he left Hogwarts… well, here she was. Hehe.

”But, we have had students in every year from my when my Dad started up until now… well, with Alyssa and them in their fifth year… then there was a four year gap and then here I am! But my cousins are far too young for Hogwarts yet…” She was babbling. She… should stop talking now.

”I’m sure you do! Thank you for answering my questions, I would never disrespect a library.” She smiled at the man. Yup, she would have been happy in Ravenclaw too - but Gryffindor had chosen her so here she was, in red and gold.
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