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He was about to play a song when suddenly he noticed a boy called his name. Turning back, he saw Yoongi walked toward him. "Ah, Yoongi-nim." He smiled to his dorm buddy. "Yeah I uh... I have been playing since I was.. little." He was around five years old when his father introduced him to piano and he's already falling in love with it. Piano was his first love. Hehehe.

He started playing a song. Well, not a song. Just a simple do-re-mi to warm up his fingers. Jackson hadn't played much since he left Kirin and there's no piano in his brother's apartment which was kinda frustrating. Maybe he should start playing a simple song. Fingers already on the keyboard and he was ready to play. But then... another person came and out of nowhere she just said "I do." Like she agreed to marry her fiance. "Oh, you again." the Korean boy said. "Who asked you to play?"

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