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Zhenya nodded once. "I get that way too sometimes," she said. "Especially if it's a good book." How could she explain the space needle? She thought for a moment, replaying the day, and said "It's a really tall observation tower. I think that's how they describe it. You get to the top and look out over Seattle. It was really high." Good thing she wasn't afraid of heights. Loch Ness - of course! She nodded enthusiastically, "I did, yes! That was a lot of fun."

Gulp. "Yes," she sighed, "OWL's weren't much fun, I'm not looking forward to NEWT's." Though who did, really? Zhenya looked at the two books which looked perfect for what she needed them for. But even more perfect - past exam papers! Zhenya's eyes widened, "Oh yes please Mr. Kitridge," she said. That would be absolutely perfect for her study!
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