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Jackson was in a mood to just spend his free time around the common room. This place was quiet great, tho. They provided some games and reading room and the most important thing for him: THEY HAD A GRAND PIANO HERE! Holy Merlin, he was glad that he sorted into Gryffindor since... he wasn't sure if other houses provided piano like in here. Wait, the students were allowed to play this, right? Well, why on earth Flamsteed put on the piano at their common room then if it's not for the students. Hehe.

Enthusiastically, the Korean boy walked to the game room and found the lonely black grand piano stood there. It seemed like no students were interested to play it? Poor piano guy. Waving his wand to clean the dust, he grabbed the seat, bend his knuckles and touch the pretty ivory keys. "Hello..." He whispered. Maybe he should play a song or two.


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