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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Working on an order list for new magazines, pamphlets and books to complete the collection in the corner room Leo didn't hear Zhenya approach until she spoke to him which almost made him jump out of his skin and fall off his chair. He gave a nervous laugh as he greeted the snake seventh year with a smile after straightening himself up on the chair. "Hello Zhenya. You startled me." He took a minute to calm himself down before he asked in usual calm tone. "How was your summer?" gesturing to the books under her arm Leo continued. "Do you want to loan those books?"
Zhenya's eyes widened in shock as she saw she had startled the librarian. "Oh I'm sorry Mr. Kitridge, I should have made more announcing noise or something." Oops… she gave him the time to recompose, then replied. "It was really good, I went to Seattle to see an old friend. We saw the space needle! How was your summer?" She looked at the books under her arm and shook her head, "Oh, no, these are from my brother. But I was wondering if you would be able to help. I'm taking ancient runes and astronomy, but I really struggle with those lessons. I hoped you might have some er… books which might help me study for my exams. Something easy to understand that explains key theories and definitions." She didn't want to say a beginner book, but something she could have open with her seventh year texts that she could flip to when she got a bit confused.
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