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Gryffindor Gryffindor Game Lounge

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While the Lions' Den may be the focal point of the Gryffindor common room, all the real action happens over here in the game lounge. Sofas and bean bag chairs are strung about the room in a haphazard, but comfortable, manner and off to the left is a large table with enough chairs for eight people to sit. A shelf on the wall above the table is stocked with all sorts of games and activities for curious Gryffindors to utilize. To help the lions take home the Gobstones Cup, there is a Gobstones set to practice with. Just be sure to clean up any of the smelly goo that comes spurting out from the gobs. You can also find a wizards' chess set and Snitch Snatchers on the shelf. If games are not your style, on the opposite side of the room is a grand piano waiting and ready to have its ivories tickled for a sing-along.

While Snitch Snatchers is one way to get your quidditch fix, the real quidditch treat can be found in the middle of the room in the form of a modified muggle foosball table that has been made to look like a quidditch pitch. There are no knobs to move the players around, instead all you need is your wand and to tap one of the figures on the team you wish to control while saying 'GRYFFINROAR' and away you go! As long as you are holding your wand, all you need to do is order the little figures around. Be wary of the tiny golden snitch that will start zooming around on its own accord. The figures will not return to being inanimate until it is caught!

In the back of the lounge you will find a medium sized tray topped with soil, and spray bottles containing brown liquid beside it. It may seem strange, but this is the resting place of the Gryffindor Tower Lion topiary. The Topiary Lion moves around on his own accord, and is responsive to a pat or two. Just remember to spray his roots with fertilizer and water them occasionally when he's on his pan... or else he might wither and die. On the wall behind the topiary is a display case holding dozens of Dandy Lion flowers that will purr, roar softly, and paw at the air with their leaves when you get close.

Gryffindor Common Room design is based on the drawings by Whisperwings