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Default Review: Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 6 by Mujjo

Review by John

You're about to head out and meet a couple friends at the bar for a great night, but you don't really feel like carrying your giant brick of a wallet. Well, all you really need is your I.D. a credit card and your phone, right? Well what better way to carry them than with the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case. It pretty much bundles all three items into one easy-to-carry object, reducing your chances of losing them if carried separately.

Yes, there are many other card carrying phone cases out there, but Mujjo's is actually pretty cool because it fits extremely snug around the iPhone6. Once I put it on, I really had to try hard to remove it, so in terms of edge protection from scratches, Mujjo's got you covered. The profile of the case is also very thin if you're worried about bulk, not to mention the elegant feel of its vegetable tanned leather.

The card holder on the case as I said before is perfect for two cards. The box says three, but I'd be wary of putting in a third. Remember, once you stretch leather, it stays stretched. So if you'd rather your cards not fall out of this case, stay safe and choose two cards to keep in there. Besides, the main feature of the case is to reduce the bulk in your pocket, so why put more than two cards in there anyway? All in all, of all those floating around in the ocean of iPhone cases, this one really stands out.

The Mujjo Leather Wallet Case comes in black or tan is available for purchase with worldwide shipping right here.
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