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Originally Posted by Hera View Post

The woman was stubborn, as was De La Garza... it made things interesting to say the least. Perhaps he could offer a scrap of gossip to Kerese after all.

"Mmhhmm..." Tibor nodded, noting down the candidates response. Self defence training for all departments... interesting... "And how would these projects benefit the wizarding community? Bearing in mind that only a proportion of the wizarding public actually hold positions within the Ministry." And was this to be done anticipating attacks on the institution?
"Yes, I was getting to that. Currently, the British wizarding public is being served by a set of Aurors who are young, rash, inexperienced and badly trained. With funds freed up, the Ministry would be able to attract more experienced Aurors to watch over the people, catch the bad guys instead getting cursed by them and help train the current Aurors." Hopefully, anyway. If it wasn't too late. Which Roxanne kinda thought it was.

Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
His eyes turned back to Ms. Carter and he just grinned, he was the one bringing up. Well he had come to listen and the first thing he heard was her bringing up Quidditch yet again after she was fully corrected last time, but whatever she knew she was wrong whether she admitted it fully or not. "My job's integrity is quite fine." He glanced at his quill as it continued to write. Pointing to correct a few things, then his focus went back to the woman speaking. "That is something that we all can agree on, communication I hope is on the top of all your agenda's along with the budget." He had heard many times about communication being an issue and his own experiences of trying to get info was a struggle at times. "Depends on the importance of the department. Do you believe all departments are equal or if one department is not a big spending/earning department that they don't need as much attention or could go with smaller budgets, such as not a direct department head?"

He tilted his head with her answer on the other departments, especially the part that if a department was finding their own ways to fund an event she'd take that funding from them, but decided to just write it down and let the public decide how they feel about that. What really was an interest was how the food court was going to help the budget. "What steps would you take to bring money into the ministry? You say the food court, but do you feel that would bring in more and how would you go about having employees eat there?" He glanced at his quill once more to make sure it was getting all that was needed.
Somehow, she doubted that very much. Especially if this was the way he acted in the office. But at last, he had agreed with her on something. Roxanne couldn't help the little breath of relief she'd let out, though one would have to be paying way too close attention to her to see it. "I do believe that all departments are important in the overall scheme of things. But, I also believe that some departments need to have a little more money, and let's face it, TLC to be as useful to the community as they could be. But all departments need a direct department head in order to be successful and to make sure the employees of every department are focusing their efforts and attention where it needs to be. So no, I won't be doing away with anymore department heads." If that's what he was getting at.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I forgot that not everyone knew that it costs galleons to eat in the Ministry Food Court. Well, it does and I think if we could attract more employees and their children, if they utilize the child care center, to eat there and maybe open it up to visitors as well, then it would be a way to ease the Ministry's budget troubles. So, I welcome ideas from the public on how to make the food court more attractive."
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