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Blue eyes raised when someone approached them and asked how to resolve the current budget issues. That was a good question. She listened as other people answered and waited her turn politely. Her eyebrows shot up at Carter's answer and an amused smile appeared when the reporter who was married to the woman she'd assaulted at the mixer spoke up and shot her to the ground.

When she finally got her chance to speak, Becca spoke deliberately. "I believe that a Minister should think of the many people who will benefit from an event. If there is a lot of revenue being brought in to the surrounding businesses and they are shown to make a profit, then the Ministry should keep running events like that as long as we're not making a huge loss. We need to make up for that in other areas. I do agree with Mr. Kingsley though, and to gain new revenue, I would suggest hosting more events and maybe asking those who attend to donate some money whilst there. Fundraising events that are not a strain on the Ministry would be a way to raise money. Departments have already done their best to minimise costs after the infestation that the Ministry had forced them out and it would be unwise to ask them to cut anything else since they're already stripped to their bare essentials. Money cannot be taken from nowhere and another of my plans would be to reduce the salary of the Minister. If the employees and public are not benefitting, then why should the Minister be? In short, if the economy isn't thriving, then the Minister themselves shouldn't be either."

When a woman from Creatures approached and asked a question, she nodded to show she was listening. "Ms. Willowgrass, I would assume you're already in the Spirits division?" Obviously if she'd chosen that subject. "I suppose I'd just do my best to get the Ministry to give you the ability to do your research in the safest way because it will eventually benefit us when your book is written. I do agree that you'd have to find a publisher to print it, but once it was printed, I'd make sure to have a copy of the book in the department. I myself have used books other people have written to fix problems that have arisen and they're indescribably useful." Was that clear? "I would just give you the necessary tools and time to research because you're still effectively doing your job, you're just writing things down for your own research at the same time."

She paused to look over at Tanner mentioning the coffee and treats budget. Most people didn't get that. They brought their own in from home. Surely she knew this? Deciding to speak up about that, Becca glanced at the people she knew were from the Ministry. "I know that when I worked in the Ministry, I brought my own drinks and teabags. The only thing the Ministry is required to give is clean, running water. You can boil that to make tea or coffee and most people do bring their own in because it's what they're accustomed to and find that generic beverages are not as nice."
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