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Preston nodded in greeting as Mrs. Yenorin approached. He recalled that they had had a brief, though nice, conversation at the mixer for the candidates. However, before he could respond to her directly, conversation had popped up at the booth and it was a conversation that Preston greatly wanted to hear.

He would never say, or show, his displeasure at having to share booth time with one Roxanne Carter given her display at the first event, though it was certainly not his ideal. Never-the-less, she was first to answer the question posed by correspondent and it seemed her words had drawn a reaction. Was that man a journalist? It seemed an awfully loaded, and slanted, question for someone supposed to provide objective coverage.

"Budgets are not simply fiscal documents," he interjected, joining the conversation and nodding toward Mrs. Yenorin, as this would answer her question as well. "How we allocate funds is a reflection of what we value and it is my position that the budget of the Ministry of Magic should reflect what is important to us."

Speaking to the other candidates, as well as the reporters present, Preston continued, offering hi materials. "Events that build goodwill toward the ministry are important. Activities and wages that promote employee longevity are vital, as qualified, long-term employees are the single greatest resource the Ministry possesses. Funding for new and innovative research and experimentation are the key to ensure our continued prosperity."

Preston paused before continuing. "The key, here, is to consider how to allocate what are surely not inexhaustible funds and set priorities, while considering potential new streams of revenue."

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