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"But doing that, wouldn't that mean taking away some very big revenue from Diagon Alley shops that help sponsor those events. I know for a fact since I did publication for the prophet on the Quidditch event that many of those shops donated items and money to help make that successful and in return got a good amount of face time that brought in new costumers. Isn't a Minister suppose to think of them as well as just the Ministry?" Yes, Jorge Cristo De La Garza had been standing there when Ms. Carter started to open her big mouth again. He picked this very spot, because he knew she'd put her foot into it again and he clearly wanted to watch.

"What do the rest of you think?" He eyed the other candidates. "Should the ministry cut funds for departments that clearly run the success of others and already get help from the community to help fund their events, which in the end might hurt not only the department and ministry, but also the community that the ministry is there for?" He had his parchment out and self writing quill waiting on all to answer. He didn't really want to be at this event, but being the ministry person for the Daily Prophet as well as his wife being a department head he had to be, so why not stir the pot a little and make it worth writing about.
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