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If there was ever anything to pique his interest, it was politics... so it was a good thing he wrote about it for a living. The freelance reporter, notepad and biro in hand, found the station which interested him most for his article piece and greeted the candidates stationed there. "Good day, ladies, gentleman," he nodded. The Hungarian was pondering whom to start with first, of course, it would simply be more fun to open the floodgates. "My name's Tibor Toth and I'm a Hungarian news correspondent, I would love to ask about your vision for the future Ministry of Magic, how do you intend on remedying the Ministries current budget issues? Where do you envisage the income coming from?"

Anyone who was willing to answer was welcome to just go for it, he was ready, always ready. He quickly noted at the top of the page those who were present - Tanner, Kingsley, Carter and Yenorin.
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