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No hug? Ember just nodded and stepped back. Was he a specimen like Derek? Non-hugsual? What an odd type of human to BE. Ember couldn't IMAGINE the lack of affection. Nope.

Ohh...he wanted her to..come with him? WHAT? Ember normally thought VERY positively---but seeing as he looked VERY unhappy--she gasped. "I already fixed this place up, though--OH! You want me to do your office--or cubicle--" Because Ember was very unaware that this was the Senior Undersecretary. Had she known. Well. She might have been a bit more...formal. Formal was just..not an easy thing for Ember to do, though. Noooope. Special attention to her "My Little Pony" jumper.

Enough said?

"NO hugs--don't worry, dear--" she said..but her tone...was like she was speaking to one of her animals..slow, soft..and very SOOOOOTHING. The poor man looked like he was going to DIE of anxiety--Ember couldn't think why ANYONE would POSSIBLY be anxious near HER--she was just too HAPPY and POSITIVE right? HEHEHEHE. "Where are we going--" Nope.

She hadn't cleaned up anything in the Break Room.
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