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Ember blew on her nails--as if her hard work required such sentiments--and she sighed as she picked up her backpack--slung it over her shoulder--and started for the door--but right as she was about to grab the knob a MAN walked through.


The young woman GASPED and hopped back--but then clutched her chest and relaaaaxed. "Well--" she planted a HUUUUUUGE smile on her face. "Oh--no neeeed to thank me, sir!" she wasn't familiar with the guy. "Your level's break room is AAALLLLL pretty--and the positive energy--" she closed her eyes and clapped her hands together above her head. "I can FEEEEL it radiating around me--" Still very grinny, she opened her eyes and WIIIIIDENED them at him. "Oh no--you're very unhappy right now--gosh--" she pulled out a tin from her bag and opened it up--"I have pastries--do you need sugar? Maybe you need --a hug?" and she gestured to know...EMBER LOVED HUGS, RIGHT?
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