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There was hardly ever occasion for Gavin to enter the breakroom. It simply was hardly ever done. When you had lunches either outside the Level or locked away in your office you tended not to end up in this room socializing--and that was the next problem, the socializing that was bound to happen if he walked in here. The Senior Undersecretary was well aware that his employees sometimes lounged in here on their breaks and though he had no problem with them, the thought of conversation made his face lose it's colour.

So what brought him here? His Personal Assistant telling him there was a guest on the level, one who never bothered stopping in with reception but simply went to the breakroom? It could have been the guest of an employee but if that was the case he'd need to remind them to keep all visits down in the Atrium. This was not the place for reunions.

The loud voice had him walking faster. This was an office, silence was often expected in those, no?--

Sweet holy mother of MERLIN. Gavin involuntarily staggered back a few steps upon entering the room and seeing it's new...decorations. "What in Circe's name do you think you're doing??" The WHO THE HELL ARE YOU could come after. Right now, he didn't remember ordering a remodel and if he had, this certain wouldn't do.
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