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Ember was...BOUNCING. BOUNCING. OKAY? HEHEHE. She had her pastries from Dmitry back in her cubicle...and...THAT HAD JUST BEEN A DELIGHTFUL LUNCH OKAY? GAH. She was just in SUUUUUCH a good mood that she had to visit Level One. She had never been to this level before and she had HEARD the vibe down up here was.....well....

Less than vibrant.

And BOOOOY were they right--she peeeeked her head into the break room, and when she spotted no one, she giggled and brandished her wand. She summoned a vase--some flowers--BIIIIG BRIGHT FLOWERS, TOO--and placed them on the counter--and then she summoned MOOOREEEEE flowers all over the place. It took her a little while--BUT THERE. Everything was just--

"FAAAAAABULOUS!" she cried, and sang, and twirled around, adjusting her flower crown atop her head as she sprinkled some glitter here, too. Of would all disappear by the end of the day--BUT BUT BUUUUUUUUUUUT--THE WORKERS WOULD JUST LOVE THIS, WOULDN'T THEY? Ember was SOOO positive that they'd just--UGH UGH UGH. It would make their days. SHE ABSOLUTELY KNEW IT. It'd totally make hers. Leaning against one of the counters...she admired her..handiwork. Her..colorful...flowery..handiwork.

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