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Originally Posted by lemon View Post
"... I meant.. the flicky thing that... gets rid of the beard, professor." Alice pawed more at her chin and gave the professor an incredulous look, everything about the giant wand going in one ear and out the other. Could he do something about this uncomfortable facial hair already? Itch. Itchhh.
Oh, she wanted the beard off. "Why didn't you say that in the first place?" he asked with an amused chuckle as he gave his wand a flick towards her face. The beard seemingly grew back INto her face, but was gone nonetheless.

Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Minerva watched and listened to all the other answers before Flamsteed started talking.. no singing, yes he was singing a song about the sun. He really was enjoying himself wasn't he? Well she guess that was a good thing why be miserable like Lafay in your job. Do something you love to do and are happy about doing, right? meh.. Minerva was just glad she didn't have to sing along or anything even though the song was not horrible and she actually started tapping her foot a bit. A smile crossed her face after awhile beard issue becoming forgotten, for now.

With his next questions Minerva frowned so beard issue not forgotten. Putting up her hand, "Well you said about Hubris sir and that it would come later or something like that, but Hurbris is an action of shame or humiliation for the pleasure of the person doing it." So basically the beard was for Flamsteeds pleasure.. Yep.. beard no forgotten. " but I'm not sure what that has to do with the sun, unless the suns making us burn in the summer is it's way of shaming us for it's on pleasure." Yeah she knew that sounded dumb, but it was more the point she was getting across than it actually being right. She really had no clue how Hubris fit into the lesson.
.................................................. .

Well, Airey felt like a big ol' meanie pants right about now. Not to mention he felt all fidgety and awkward and. "N-n-n-n-not qu-quite," he said shaking his head. Blast! His stutter had momentarily come back. He was just going to do the awkward shuffle over this way now.......................

.................................................. ........................................

Airey called on and listened to student answers, wishing he didn't have such a dislike for creatures so that chariots and winged horses could be a real thing. Could have been fun, you know, racing in the air around the Black Lake dressed as Helios and what not. But, no, sadly, no winged horses or chariots this lesson.

He DID enjoy all the different myths that were being shared, and not all from Greek and Roman mythology either. Always nice for students to branch out like that.

And then....
Originally Posted by Lockhartian View Post
Excellence. Yeah, right.

This class was excellently making her head hurt at the moment, how much longer until they're allowed to go somewhere else? He did say they were going to head outside, yes? That could help her clear her head. Probably.

BUT THEN! Hmmm, myths? At the beginning of the lesson?! SAY WHAT?! Lottie didn't even remember what had happened at the beginning of the lesson! Her eyes widened ever so slightly and she, inconspicuously, started to search her notes. WHAT?! Why did he have to pick THE SUN?!? Do you know how many galaxies are OUT THERE?! She sighed. LOUDLY.

Greeks. They had both Helios and Apollo. Much like she was thinking of two suns. Curious thing. Only one was a Titan, the other not so much. It wasn't until Mo mentioned driving... where was he even driving? Why was Lottie not even focusing? "Or flying... like Icarus." Mo could do that, he was more than welcome to go and fly into the sun. He'll tell us all about it later, surely.
Originally Posted by aaetha View Post
Adrienne was copying down information when he just started... singing. Why was he singing? More importantly, why hadn't he stopped singing? God, it was still happening. She winced in secondhand embarrassment the whole time he was up there, warbling away. Professors should never ever sing, especially when they oh-so-clearly could not. Sure, it was kind of a catchy song, but it sounded awful and was... well, incredibly annoying. She waited it out and then went back to redrawing that diagram.

The mention of myths piqued her interest, though. They had always fascinated Adrienne, especially when they now knew the reasons for things the myths had been made to explain. Well... what had he started the lesson with again? Beards?

Oh yes, he'd mentioned hubris. Hubris... sun... she raised her hand tentatively. "Um, if we're talking about Greek myths, there is the one about Icarus and Daedalus maybe? Because Icarus was too cocky and he flew too high, and then his wings melted..." Well, that was a terrible explanation, but hopefully someone would know what she meant. Boy did she hate talking in front of lots of people.
Originally Posted by Team ronmione View Post
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

When Airey started talking about the sun's core Tag's slightly slumped over posture whipped straight up, his mind slightly more lively. The core was the reason a star turned very heated. Now, that was cool! And apparently that sun was burning up way too hard, but Tag didn't mind. Oh, and "NO WAY! The sun was seen as a god!" Whoops, Tag spoke up too loudly.

Tag remembered something about someone having wings or something of the sort and trying to fly up to the sun? Something like that. What was the dude's name? "That one dude with the wings and I think he flew up to the sun. Poor dude probably looked like a carrot. What a tan, what a tan. What's his name?" said the blonde in a rather absent voice. Looking around his classmates he heard Lottie say something about flying. "That guy she said." He answered pointing at his friend.
Originally Posted by GrapehGrape View Post
Adelaide had sat quietly at her seat while everyone was labeling the sun and such. She quickly took notes on it, even though she'd taken a lot of space science classes in muggle school. They were still at the top of her list of favorites.

...and now Professor Flamsteed was dancing and singing. Adelaide couldn't help but giggle at his antics. Yep. She was going to like him. Singing and dancing were two of her favorite things. But there was no way she was joining him in class. Not with all of these other people around.

Oooo mythology. Adelaide's all time favorite thing to read. She raised her hand after some of the others had spoken. "If we're talking about hubris, wouldn't that be the Icarus myth? I mean, he was told not to fly to high and yet he did because he thought he was invincible." Or something like that.
Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Really, Vesper was trying to focus....but there was so much talking. So much fact stating...Needless to say, she'd gotten distracted, having began drawing an ancient sun in the center of her notes. As she worked her quill, her ears were open...but only half of her attention was fully committed.

She'd just began some intense shading...

...but then she'd heard 'Ra' and it ceased immediately.

Perking up in her seat, Ves looked at the energetic professor with new eyes. They were discussing Myths now...Mythology....Mythology about the sun. Now...THAT was something she'd get excited about. Egyptian myths were her favorites...but the Greeks were right up there. Others were answering already...

Of course the myth of Icarus and his father, Daedalus...and the wax wings seemed the most logical, considering Professor Flamsteed's emphasis on 'Hubris' at the beginning of the lesson. Her peers had already suggested this as an answer, though...So, she shrunk back, looking around carefully. Ves had missed a lot with her distraction. Eep.


"There's a Nintendo video game based on Kid Icarus." Obviously, she wanted to distribute something to the discuss now that she was actually paying attention. "I think that the others are right because of the sun's significant symbolism in it. 'The sun is beautiful from afar...but can also be harmful and destructive if one gets too close.'" Ves was speaking kinda low...because everyone seemed to be talking at once. A blush, once again, stained her cheeks. "...and I don't think he thought he was invincible....I think he was excited and giddy about the feeling of flight." response to another person.
Originally Posted by PotterHeadforLife View Post

Kat liked mythology a lot. This question had sparked her interest even more so she was definitely listening now. Enthusiasm doing its job well. So, a myth about the sun? Could be Helios since he was the Titan god of the sun in Greek mythology, but it didn't seem too fitting. How about Apollo? He was the Greek god of the sun while his twin sister, Artemis, on the other hand was the goddess on the moon. But naaaah, Kat dismissed that thought. Then she tried to recall what Professor Flamsteed meant about 'how he began this lesson'. That was when it hit her.

...... Hubris? Wasn't that the word Professor Flamsteed wanted them to remember because it would pop up in this lesson soon? Maybe this was it?

Hubris... and then she remembered the fall of Icarus. How he passed away due to too much ambition, which failed anyway. Kat raised her hand. "I'll have to agree with the myth about Icarus. He tried to escape but it failed, which ended up with his wings getting burned because he flew too close to the sun." And then he drowned and died. Sad, because his wings were made out of wax. Obviously someone needed to listen to their fathers soon.

"Yes! YES YES YES YES YEEEEEEEEEES!" Airey exclaimed as he pointed to each student as they guessed the myth of Icarus.

Those of you who who mentions Icarus and Daedalus hit the asteroid on the noise,” Airey said as he pointed to those students who had come up with the answer. “Now, it is often said that myths are all based on fact to a certain extent, and this one is no different. As the myth goes, Icarus attempted to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. He ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall into the sea where he drowned.” Airey paused for a moment. “This is not the true story, however, but rather a myth created by muggles who witnessed two wizards battling in the sky by means of harnessing the sun’s light with magic, much like how some children will fry ants by using a magnifying glass. Daedalus was one of the pioneering wizarding inventors who sought to blend muggle technology of the day with magic to put muggles in their rightful place - under wizarding kind. Icarus, his son, was against this pureblood line of thinking and found plans to a weapon and stole them from his father and escaped from their home in Crete by flying on wings transfigured from wax candles in his father’s study. Of course, Daedalus, couldn’t have his plans ruined and flew after his son and used the sun’s light to shoot down his own flesh and blood by melting holes in the wings.” And, well, they knew how the rest of the story went there. “This is one of the many early examples of trying to harness the sun as an energy source. In more modern times such muggle inventions like solar panels have been created. Today, we are going to be utilizing the sun in the same way that Daedalus did - but under much safer circumstances.

Like MUCH safer, okay? No one was going to die.

We will be going outside in a few minutes to the lake where you will all take to the skies in a house vs house battle,” he grinned, bouncing in place and hitting his thighs with his fists. “Before we go, however, we need to do some preparation first. The first thing you will need is one of these,” he said as he removed an antique looking magnifying glass from his ‘back of tricks’. “This is a magical magnifying glass much like the one Daedalus used and attaches to your wand like so.” Airey snapped the device onto his wand so that the magnifying glass was sitting vertically on his wand. “While you are flying around, you will need to catch the sun’s light with the magnifying glass - which shouldn’t be hard as long as you are not blocking the sun with your body. The light will be intensified at the tip of your wand. Then, all you will need to do is give your wand a quick jab forward towards your intended target and say Solis Focalis. This will shoot a temporary burst of sunlight.” Pretty neat, yeah? “Now, you may find that your robes will become a bit singed during this activity, but YOU should not receive any burns on your skin. I also have protective goggles to protect your eyes,” he explained as he pulled out a pair of goggles.

Because of the magnifying glass attachment, you will not be able to perform other spells - so NO Protego or other defensive spells. Also, we will not be using brooms for this activity,” he said, still bouncing in place quite a bit. Airey then pulled out a large glass container filled with mini jawbreakers that were glowing an inviting blue color. “These jawbreakers have been treated with a levitation potion, one that is triggered by happy memories. You will not be needing a powerful one like you would when conjuring a patronus, however. Just a small one will do to help you feel light as a feather.” Of course, this did not answer the question that was probably in the back of their minds, how were they going to fly without brooms? “Each of you will be donning wings transfigured from wax in your respective house colors. You simply slip them on by means of the shoulder strap and are charmed to flap on their own, which should be enough for you to fly into the air.” Assuming they were thinking of a pleasant memory that is. “These wings are not here, however, and are down at the lake.

Airey picked up the container of mini jawbreakers and handed it to the student nearest him - but not before he popped one or three in his mouth. “What you all need to do first is have one or two of these mini jawbreakers. Once you have, please come up to my desk and grab a magnifying glass and a pair of goggles from their respective boxes. There are more than enough for all of you. When you have finished all your prepartions, please join me outside for further instructions.
OOC : You should RP your character doing the following ::

▸ grabbing their magnifying glass attachment & snapping it onto their wand
▸ retrieving a pair of sun goggles and putting them on
▸ eating a handful one or two jawbreakers

once you have done this, please proceed to this thread and you may BEGIN!

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