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Abilene's mouth twitched, this new piece of information leaving no room for discussion in her mind. "I'd like very much for those who've inhaled the 'possibly' toxic fumes to see our Healers." It was always better safe than sorry...but also, how very dangerous! Abilene was left to wonder why Healers hadn't been alerted in the first place. She knew that Aron, if she could mentally call him by his first name, was adamant about the safety and integrity of the labs.

"I'll send a memo to Mr. Ashburry-Hawthorne about Healers." No offense to Natasha, who seemed like a lovely girl, of course. Abilene just didn't trust 'word of mouth' messages...Also, she disapproved of a toxic clean being put off but that wasn't her call. Perhaps they'd blocked off the hazardous materials by magical means. Wonderful thing, magic. Everything was so much more convenient. "...and I insist that you eat something before you head back..."

Giving a look to Athena, who she trusted to keep an eye on things, the department head made her way to her office. That memo would be sent right away.
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