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Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
........"Hun, are you...okay?" Poor Ferris looked like he might pass out at any moment. Worrying her bottom lip for a moment, she quickly fixed him a glass of water and then approached, holding it out to him. "We're just having brunch." She spoke in a calm, soothing voice. "Come in and fix yourself something to eat...You work yourself too hard." This was why the younger man chose to work alone. Social interactions must have scared him more than even she'd realized...


"Everyone new and old. My name is Abilene Schirmer...and I take it by you all being here that you either A. received my owl...or B. you checked the Announcements board on your way in. Either way, welcome to the Specialty Area." Smiling at each of them in turn, she indicated the food. "As I've mentioned to others, do go on and make yourself a plate and something to drink...There's plenty for the others when they arrive."

Giving some eyes to her manila envelopes that were laid on the table next to where she stood, she smiled. There was much to do...and not much time to do it...


Hun. He supposed that hun was a clever nickname for the even LONGER pet name of honey, which his Mum called him. In his headspace, he supposed that Ms. Schirmer was trying to invoke a sense of calm by using childhood stimulus to calm his down, but the trouble was- he was frozen.

This had been an exceptionally awful idea. Perhaps, um, well, he could squeak out an apology and go home. Work on his work there. After all he had been perfecting a new wand holster that shot a wand out like a gun slinger in old West films-

No, he lost those designs to a very scary woman in the stairway. Meep. With that in mind, Ferris deduced that he was probably stuck here. A terrifying prospect. Maybe they would just ignore him. Yes, please?

Plucking up the courage of a small field mouse, he nodded frantically and scurried to a seat on the other end of the table away from social interaction and sat down. See? He was here and... BLINK. So many female human beings. Such a large margin for error.

With shaky hands, he reached out and poured himself some coffee. This would do. And he would listen and then maybe get out of here as quickly as possible.
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