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There were a GREAT many things wrong with socializing as a medium. It was clumsy and uncomfortable and could not be controlled with a joystick or ANYTHING. His Mum had always told him that socializing wasn't dangerous, but he was not convinced. The evidence was overwhelming- people, as a species, were temperamental. Like maybe, um, well, uh, he could say to someone hello and they could respond what's so good about it? It made him want to break out into hives. Could he panic NOW?!

Tugging on the end of his waistcoat, Ferris just looked at the door that he had been summoned to and began to sweat profusely. What if, what if, um, they wanted to talk to him? Would he be asked to talk back? Maybe he could go home. Call in sick. Tell his Mum to call his boss and say that he had come down with sickonosis or something to that affect.

But then he saw someone else enter and he squeaked. It was a man and no doubt he was going in the same room....because Ferris saw him enter. No going back now.

With shaky hands, he put his hand on the doorknob and opened the door with BUG EYES. People! SO MANY PEOPLE!

Yes, Ferris was frozen.
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