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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
He was getting impatient, Ivy could tell. And that definitely wasn't winning him any points in her book. He was getting further away from that answer he wanted. "That was true," she replied calmly and quietly. "Things have changed, Erik. I need something to go off of. We're supposed to be working together. I'm not just going to follow you around like a lost puppy and do everything you ask like a petty ball boy."

Ivy kept her eyes on him as the danced. She wasn't done. "You obviously know who I am and what I do. I have answers if you're willing to cooperate and play nicely." Was that so hard?
Things had changed? Now that was something Erik didn't want to hear...unless it benefited him somehow. Some changes could be good. He exhaled at the words 'lost puppy,' a breath that became a shallow laugh.

"All right, Ivy," he dipped her down and let her hang there for a bit while his blue eyes pierced her pretty face. "I might have answers too...if you phrase your questions right. Be mindful that I can't just have a tell all session with you in the middle of the British Ministry of Magic."

And just what had he asked her to do, hmm? One thing. One tiny thing. So far.
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