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Originally Posted by Erik Vinteren View Post
Erik could only chuckle in reply to her little glare and mutter routine. Oh Ivy. Was he supposed to regret his snide remark because she was gripping his hand now? No, some men would mistake that gesture for a squeeze. Erik did not even flinch under the additional tension in his grip. He enjoyed her spitfire too much.

"Well, it's true," he shrugged slightly. "Just because I don't tell you everything about me doesn't mean I'm lying to you when I do get to speak with you." He paused to spin her out, fancy like, and then pulled her back in even closer. They were in the far corner of the dance floor now.

"Listen, I have something to ask you." Something small, but important.
Ivy considered his reasoning as she gracefully spun out of his hold... and then back in, noticing they were much closer to each other this time. She studied him closely. "Compliment accepted," she said finally, relaxing in his hold.

Ah, she had a feeling this was coming, especially since they had made their way over to the far corner of the dance floor. Couldn't they just have a nice dance together? As she studied his face, hers remained emotionless. "What is it?"

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