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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Yes, Ivy agreed to dance with him, but he could for once lay off with the greedy pulling. Sheesh. She was coming, calm down. She narrowed his eyes at him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. "Don't mock me, Vinteren. I have strong knees." Think about THAT for a minute.

Ivy smirked a little bit when he spoke again. Much better. She continued to follow his lead on the dance floor. "Oh, I've been just fine," she replied, and it might have even been convincing. "And yourself?" she asked in return.
Erik's eyes were twinkling at her little threat. "Aw, good to know. Shall I tell Trelawney to target your knees next time?" Or would there be no next time? Yes he knew damn well what she meant, but he had been trained to withstand a lot of pain. Or did she really not know what he did...still....

He turned them slowly in time with the music, his eyes taking stock of the room before returning to Ivy. Good Odin the music here was worse than the polka they played in a lift. "Vonderful, thank you. I have to look more than just fine tonight." Erik leaned in to her ear. "You look ravishing."

That was an honest compliment. Not always the case with him, but vell, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.
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