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Originally Posted by Erik Vinteren View Post
Glass of elf wine in hand to quench his thirst after the long debate, Erik made his way near the dance floor. He wasn't on it, exactly, but he was near it. There he waited, taking swigs of the wine until his glass was quite empty.

Hmm. Elf wine just wasn't comparable to champagne.
After the long debate, Ivy was ready get on her feet again. She couldn't sit too long, or she got fidgety and irritated. After quickly downing a glass of wine (she was thirsty, or something), Ivy spotted Erik by the dance floor. He reminded her of a pathetic woman all alone at a work part, waiting for someone to ask her to dance.


"Waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet?" Ivy asked as she walked up behind him. There were probably dozens of women here that would love a dance with him. Totally not her though, nope.

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