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So, I can FINALLY post here saying that YES, I have met someone from the cast! Two people, actually!!

Just the other week I watched James Phelps play, The Boy Who Was Woody Allen. I sat in the very first row and he was like, a meter away from meh! so cool.

And on my way back to my house I saw Oliver Phelps on the undergrounds... ahahahaha! So Kita (hermionesclone) was with me and I kind of made her ask him for an autograph... because I didn't have the guts to go and talk to him myself, ahahahahaha!

I COULDN'T! I was so shy all of a sudden. And he was just right there, gaaaahhh!!! *facepalms at self* Being shy is a big problem, I must say. If it wasn't for Kita, I would have missed the chance of getting an autograph =P so thanks, Kita! xD
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