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Alex had to admit that she was kind of looking forward to the New Years Bash; even though she was without a date, she didn't care, either. She was going to an event at her place of employment, in which she would get to socialize with her co-workers. Some of them new, others old, but most no doubt that she did not know yet.

The first thing she did when she entered through the doors into the New Years Bash was to look around to see for any familiar faces she DID know. Like, ooh, there was her boss over there! With her husband! Giving Isobel a small wave, she didn't want to bother her if she was busy, so she instead went to find a seat. Best to wait for others to approach, perhaps...?


So Andrew had totally and unintentionally skived off the first debates. From what he heard though, he hadn't missed much, except for the potential to be dunked. He liked the air, not water. He had briefly met with his supposed 'campaign manager', Penney or something, who seemed like a decent enough guy. But he just hoped that the guy wouldn't be too heartbroken with his decision that he came to the other night.

He dressed nicely for tonight's affairs, even donning a black tie, but mostly he was on a mission. One that didn't involve talking to strays or even discussing the matters with his manager. "Excuse me ...." Andrew said, making his way through the crowds, his sights set on the large stage area at the front of the room. That was where he would find where he needed to be.
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