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Originally Posted by Silver Ninja View Post
Turning as he saw someone entering the hall his jaw dropped but kept it together enough to pick it up again before it hit the floor. She was engaged! AND he shouldn't be looking at her like that anyway. Not after Kat, nor the fact she had been his boss for 3 years. Not to mention Gidyun would kill him if he saw Gavin looking at her like that! "You look beautiful, Becca." he said completely honest. A smile played at his lips as she spoke quietly "Thank you." he murmured. He wondered how she was handling being here after so many years.
Giving Gavin a smile, Becca bowed her head a little. "Thank you." She hadn't missed his first reaction, nor had she commented on it, but it did make her feel a little better about being here. Giving him a nod as he murmured his own thanks, she looked around the room and then straight at Gavin. "Are you ready for this debate?" she asked softly, her blue eyes focused on his. "Because I can get you out of it if you need me to." A twinkle appeared in her eye. What she wouldn't give to cause some mayhem. Oh, right. She was here for Gavin and was being good. Yeah... she'd have to remember that.
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