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Originally Posted by Silver Ninja View Post
Entering the hall Gavin paused to look around him to see if Becca was there or not yet. He hadn't wanted to come to this alone, knowing Kat wasn't going to be there. He had no idea where she was or if she was coming back and felt bad enough being alone. After seeing Becca for the first time in 6 years he'd invited her to come to this in the very least to attend the debate if nothing else.

The least this time around it was more in his comfort zone. He'd been at the ministry for over 10 years now, and a department head for over a year. It had been quite a ride to get this far, but he enjoyed it. And finally felt like people were starting to respect him.

Looking around him he saw new employees, old employees, some he knew some he didn't, a well as other candidates and manager type peoples. But no Becca...
Striding into the venue confidently, Becca glanced around. It had been nearly seven years since she'd been to anything Ministry related and had Gavin not needed someone there for moral support, she wouldn't have been able to come turned up. She wasn't expecting to see many people who'd recognise her, though she held out hope. After a quick glance around, she saw Gavin and approached him with a smile. "You're looking sharp." Leaning in a little closer, she quietly added "Well done." He should definitely be praised for his pristine appearance, it wasn't easy to keep up appearances when everything had fallen apart so recently.
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