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Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
He imagined this was going to make it all official. If he really thought about it, it had all been official as of when he had tried to protect Natasha from the zombies when he’d brought her to see Wes on Level Two after their first date, but Dorian was still a bit surprised that it had been so easy. Granted, it wasn’t entirely easy, and he still had too many memories of what could have been with Gwendolyn, but being convinced to actually show up at the Ministry event with Isobel’s sister hadn’t taken as much work as he would have expected. He was still prepared for awkwardness, in any case, since, once again, this was making it all official. It was making it known to more than the couple people he was sure had ideas, and he couldn’t deny that there were ideas that it would be difficult for at least one of those. He doubted anyone would miss the fact they had come together, especially not his boss and friend, and Isobel. Wes was one thing, but given the fact his wife had been dealing with whatever aftereffects might have occurred regarding the zombie illness, that response was a big question. He was finding that he wasn’t quite as reticent to find out, though. Maybe it was the fact they were all going to be starting off a new year soon enough that was helping him get back the Gryffindor side of himself.

“Where do you think would be the best place to start?,” he said, offering an arm to Natasha as they’d approached the entrance to the event location. Obviously they weren’t going to need to worry too much about mingling just yet, seeing as it appeared they had arrived early. Only one other person was loitering near the archway, at least, and he couldn’t say he knew the man very well. Other than remembering him possibly in passing when Magical Creatures had assisted in investigating the food court for clues as to the origin of the illness. Either way, he would let Natasha decide what they would do first. Mingle with the few people who might arrive, or see what they had by way of refreshments. The likelihood of the board candidate debate starting any time soon was slim, as was other entertainment. At least they could get comfortable in the environment before anything happened.
This night and event was going to make it official. A slightly nerve-racking but equally exhilarating feeling Tasha thought to herself. It was the first time in a long time that she was attending a society event with a date. In recent years she had gone solo to all the ministry functions. After the divorce from her ex-husband now many years ago she had dated sparingly and enjoyed single life to the fullest. Every girl dreamed of eternal love with that certain someone and she was no exception. Maybe she could find it with Dorian she pondered as she walked beside him into the ministry building. It was going to be interesting to see how her sister would react to them coming together and also how Wesley would react. It was important to her that Wesley approved more than she had thought at first. Tasha valued Wesley’s opinion even more so now after they had worked together, to make things work for the twins during Izzy’s illness.

Pulling off the scarf from her around her shoulder's Tasha pushed it gingerly down into her purse. Taking a hold of Dorian’s offered arm she said as they came up to the entrance to for the event smiling. "Let's check out the dining area first. I want to see what kind of food and refreshments the buffet table has to offer." It was best to eat something before the debate kicked off. Tasha doubted there would be much time to eat as the debate went on and she wanted to dance too.

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