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Some people might compare the way the way the blonde BOG candidate was stalking into the entrance hall to a solider going to battle. Gracefully, of course. She couldn't afford to be anything but graceful. Not after the last debate. Not with the way she'd been baited and most certainly after the whole babbling incident. Though babbling might work. Surely did for a certain department head. Or appeared to, anyway. Which reminded her that she needed to have a talk with her own department head and the Board of Elections. Because there was no way that woman (and she was using the term lightly) could've won that last debate. But first, she had to speak with her maybe cohort and her campaign manager. Speaking of which, where the hell WAS Raelynn?!

Roxanne was almost so wrapped in these thoughts that she didn't notice the four other people in the hall. But as they were so wrapped up in their own conversations, she didn't feel the need to spare them a passing glance. Except for one's rather poor choice of date, which received an slightly irritated eye roll, unnoticeable unless you were really watching her. She would deal with that later. For now, she just kept stalking past and into the Ministry's stupid little bash. Which was sure to be a lot duller than her own New Years Party the night before. These Ministry functions always were dull.....
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