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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
Well see, everyone was saying boring answers and West, after listening to this whole 'things that happened yesterday' business, West put his hand up and said with perfect seriousness, "On September the first 2078, the Hogwarts Express stopped working and all the students had to take portkeys to get to Hogsmeade station." Paaause. Well. It WAS history now, right? "It only stops working when there are more adults on board than normal." He pointed out.

He'd obviously found the cause.
Well...yes West...that...Scabior shook his head, amused and almost impressed. He HAD said that anything in the past was history.

Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Milton slipped into a chair just as Scabior started speaking. Good. He wasn't late. He just hoped ol' Scabby wouldn't call him an idiot this year. Pff. Yes, he was still bitter.

When he spoke of the Hogwarts Express, Milton's mind wandered to the train ride to Hogwarts the previous month. That was just... weird. Maybe they'd figure out what went wrong. He DID know stuff about the history, actually. You read a lot of books when you're homeschooled. Milton raised his hand and waited his turn like a good little student. "It was made by muggles," like everyone else said. "And when it was finished, the Ministry did something like sixty memory charms on all the muggles that helped build it. And then they put a... a... a concealment charm on it, so they could take it from them." And somehow get it to King's Cross. Yep.
"One hundred and sixty seven." Scabior corrected. Specifics weren't needed but that correction was. He probably sounded like a Ravenclaw because of it.

Originally Posted by Lollipop! View Post

West. Twas a very good point actually. Sooo, he got a BEAM from Blue. Yep. The twelve-year-old raised her hand. Even though she knew the Hogwarts Express' history about as much as she knew how to produce a patronus charm. "It's a train. ....That muggles can't ride on cos it takes us to Hogwarts." Aaaaaand, because she felt like she needed to add more information...

"Ya get to it on a platform and ya hafta run through a WALL and you need a ticket."

Yeah...they probably all already new that.

"Good point about the Muggles." And the station, but the Muggles mostly, since no one had noted that. "Two points for you."

Yeah. Scabior was actually giving points.

And no. He hadn't hit his head.

Originally Posted by Lockhartian View Post

"That's no excuse." PERIOD. So, you could read a couple books, or talk to those who know, and you could ALMOST be close enough to deciphering this on your own. "Do you just stick to History, Professor? It's quite a wide subject." Therefore, something about trains, battles, creatures, accidents, potions, people, deaths, births, places, he must know.

BUT...right. Facts on the Hogwarts Express. Lottie raised her hand. "Magical maintenance men take good care of it." He'd just pointed out what he wasn't. Also, considering what just happened this September..., "Or at least they should." Mmmhmm.
Um. What? "No." Scabior said dryly. "I also stick to babysitting children as you can clearly see. And you know what's also not an excuse? Your attitude." ANYTHING that he said was an excuse. His word was almost law. He said it. They listened, and they wrote it down. That was how things worked. "So five points from Hufflepuff."

Originally Posted by verbain View Post
Theo listened to a few of the other answers and he felt he had learned something already. Muggles built the Hogwarts Express? The exact train? Wow, that was pretty cool. Though, he really didn't have many facts about the train stored up in his head. Other than it being a red steam train.

What history could a train have?

"Oh, it has had famous butts all over it. Like Harry Potter's butt." Famous butts were the best kind of butts.
Famous butts? "Famous smells as well then due to these famous butts." Hopefully the train got aired out frequently.

Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
"Well, that's not the first time it's been stopped on the way to Hogwarts," Sierra said, raising her hand. "Back in 1993, it was stopped and invaded by dementors." Yeah. That'd sort of been the reason Sierra had thought it'd been stopped this go round. Well, at first. Then when they took off without any sign of the creepy creatures, she'd abandoned the thought. "Then back in 2048..." (OOC: Term two here on SS) " started snowing on the way to school, and the train ran into a snow bank."
Oh. Scabior nodded his head slowly. Good point. "The snow was not what caused the train to stop though, when it did go off track the snow bank actually helped it." She had to make sure she was clear of that.

Originally Posted by thelittlestoneever View Post
Trains? Juliette knew nothing about the train. Well she knew one thing, but it was pretty much a copy of what her cousin just said. However something was bothering her greatly. The crash. She knew this wasn't her place as there where probaly men sitting in a room together at the ministry discussing this matter right now, but she had her own theory, and if nothing else, she wanted to share it with the class.

"Trains don't crash every day, right professor?" She asked. "Something has to go wrong within the system?" So it was a little off topic, but he brought it up and she was now interested. Maybe she should say a train fact so it wouldn't seem like she just was all hung up on something that didn't matter right now. "Also it's one of the only ways to get into Hogwarts, and the most used." She finished off her statement and then looked at the stationary train on her desk, prodding it with her index finger.
"Not the Hogwarts express." Probably because it didn't run everyday but still. "And you are right. Something had to have gone wrong with the system."

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Vivi cast sideways glances at Aspen, who was being awfully cozy with the Head Girl. She'd spent plenty of time in both their company and yet was completely unaware that they were friendly. How strange.

As for the train... Vivi raised her hand. "Professor, the Hogwarts Express is the only way that students may get to Hogwarts. It was decided rather early on, when people were being complete babies about touching Muggle inventions, that if students didn't arrive via the Express, they couldn't arrive at all."

Pause. That was the curious thing though. "That's really irrational on the part of the Ministry, isn't it? I mean... I live closer to the school than to London, I have a Floo in my home, and I can apparate as of this summer, but I have to travel to London to get on a train. And some students live in Hogsmeade, but they have to travel to London to catch the train back to Hogsmeade... It's not logical, sir."
Irrational? Well, he shrugged. "Remember, the idea came from the Ministry. The Ministry isn't exactly filled with the most rational people out there." Noooot that he was bashing the Ministry.


Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post

Elliot, sitting next to Hannah with a blank expression on her face, usually liked History of Magic.

But the train.

Really? Elliot didn't think it was that important. Plus, she didn't know about the said train. Was it really made by muggles? Elliot didn't believe it...but if Hannah said it, it was probably true...she sighed, trying to say something.


Oh. "Well, it's red." She stated obviously, smirking a bit. Yep. It was red. But if you wanted to be super specific...scarlet. WHATEVER.
Originally Posted by Leeness View Post
If there was an insult derived from donkeys then Elijah may have used it to describe the History of Magic professor. Needless to say, Elijah wasn't too fond of Scabior after he MANhandled him. At the time of the assault, Elijah thought that it was because he had been angry at the Puff, but upon reflection it was obvious Scabior had only wanted to TOUCH Elijah and make sure that such a handsome being ACTUALLY physically existed.

Elijah was ALSO positive that Scabior had gone to his quarters AFTER that confrontation and cried into his pillow at his LACK of handsomeness. It's okay Scabior, if you are nicer this term perhaps Elijah will share a few tricks...


Lesson, yes? History? Trains? Boring? Yes. Hand raisedddd, "The Hogwarts Express used to actually be painted purple, but was changed to a red as red represents the idea of compassion and how people see Hogwarts as their home away from home." If made up answers were good enough for Burbage to give him points, perhaps Scabior had the same philosophy.
Painted purple? And the train was red. Honestly? "Come up here Miss Morganzo, Mister Wilde." Up to the front, beside him.

As students spoke out, Scabior drew his wand and every time a answer was right, it was written on the board. "Most of you seem to be right on track, which is excellent since all of this information is in your textbooks."... There were a few who...were off. But he expected it. Not everyone in the room was a O student. Probably only one actually....or none. Yeah. None. "The express was made by Muggles and they never knew about it and...everything that was basically said." He didn't need to repeat it. Everything was now on the board.

1. Relatively “new” (a hundred + years old)
2. Built by Muggle engineers
3. Pureblood families initially against it
4. Stopped on September first 1993 (because Dementor interference)
5. Ultimately the Ministry’s (Ottaline Gambol) idea
6. Created for a more discrete way of getting in and out of Hogwarts
7. One of the biggest Concealment charms ever was involved in its creation
8. One hundred and sixty seven memory charms used
9. Run by magic
10. Muggles can’t ride
11. Famous butts
12. Stopped/crashed on September first 2048
13. Stopped again on September first 2078

"Anyways, just by looking on the list we can see that the train has stopped three times since it was created." Maybe there was nothing strange at all and it was completely normal. Maybe. "The first time was probably because the invading Dementors cause the conductor to faint." Or something. That didn't matter. "Any guesses toward why the second crash happened?"

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